Music calendar: 5/30


Except where indicated, all area codes are 419.


A.J’s Doolittles: 8525 Secor Rd., Lambertville; 734-856-3838; Sugar Daddies: Fri.; B.A.S.I.S.: Sat.

Bier Stube: 5333 Monroe St.; 841-7999; Distant Cousinz: Fri.

Blarney Irish Pub and Grill: 601 Monroe St.; 418-2339; Michael Fisher: today; Toast and Jam: Fri.; Michael Fisher Band: Sat.

Bronze Boar: 20 S. Huron St.; 244-2627; Open Mic with Steve Kennedy: today; Bush League: Fri.; Last Born Sons: Sat.; Open Mic with Joe Woods: Mon.

Burger Bar 419: 5215 Monroe St.; 724-7901; Candice Coleman, Chris Brown: today.

Catawba Inn: 4112 N. Crogan St., Catawba Island (Port Clinton); 797-2501; Joshua Denning: today; the Electric: Fri.; Colin Trio: Sat.; B. E. Mann: Sun.

Cheers Sports Eatery: 7131 Orchard Centre Dr., Holland; 491-0990; BOFFO: Sat.

Distillery: 4311 Heatherdowns Blvd.; 382-1444; Arctic Clam: Fri.

Frankie’s Inner-City: 308 Main St.; 693-5300; Mat Kerekes, Sam DeArmond: Fri.; DemonShifter, Truth Ascension: Sat.; Texas In July, the Golden Dawn, Boys of Fall, Goodbye Blue Skies, At the Hands of Victims, Destroy Us All: Sun.; Us From Outside, Strangers To Wolves: Wed.

Harborview Yacht Club: 2180 Autokee St., Oregon; 698-8128; East River Drive: Sat.

Headliner’s: 4500 N. Detroit Ave.; 269-4500; Paper Route with Satellite, Nathan Roberts and the New Birds, Human Juicebox: today.

Hollywood Casino: H Lounge, 777 Hollywood Blvd.; 661-5200; East River Drive: Fri.

Mainstreet Bar and Grill: 141 Main St.; 697-6297; Ivan and Alyosha, Caleb: Sat.

Michigan Tavern: 1680 Smith Rd., Temperance; 734-847-6105; MAS FiNA: Fri.

Ottawa Tavern: 1815 Adams St.; 725-5483; Katie’s Randy Cat: today; Weatherbox, the Fight with Thirty Three and A Third: Sat.

Papa’s Tavern: 1328 Liberty St.; 697-0644; Four Twenty Seven: Fri.

Rayz Cafe: 608 Main St., Genoa; 855-2233; Celina: Sat.

Redneck Willy’s: 13217 Main St., Weston, O.; 669-2105; Fustercluck: Sat.

Roadhouse: 11535 W. Central Ave., Richfield Center, O.; 829-2223; the Harley Packer Band: today.

Roundhouse Bar: Delaware Ave., Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island; 285-2323; Mike “Mad Dog” Adams: Fri., Sat., Sun.

Sycamore Grove: 1980 Middleton Pike, Luckey, O.; 837-6545: All 4 It: Sat.

Table Forty4: 610 Monroe St.; 725-0044; Ben Stalets: today; Candice Coleman and Chris Brown Band: Fri.

Village Idiot: 309 Conant St., Maumee; 893-7281; Bobby May: Fri.

Village Inn: 4984 N. Holland Sylvania Rd., Sylvania; 882-0338; Pikasso: Sat.


Barr’s Public House: 3355 Briarfield Blvd., Maumee; 866-8466; Kyle White: today; Jason LaPorte: Fri.; Jean Ra Ties: Sat.

Bluebird Cafe: 1710 Woodville Rd.; 697-6877; Bobby May, Howard Murphy: Sun.

Dos Hermanos: 705 S. Wheeling St., Oregon; 690-8930, Chris Brown: Wed.

Papa’s Tavern: 1328 Liberty; 697-0644; Bobby, Frankie, and Friends: today.

River Cafe and Marina: 6215 Edgewater Dr., Erie; 734-723-7405; Elixer “Beatles Tribute”: Fri.; Don and Rachel Coats: Sun.

Shawn’s Irish Tavern: 7435 W. Bancroft St., Sylvania; 724-7981; Mile Marker 1: Fri.

Stella’s Restaurant and Bar: 104 Louisiana Ave., Perrysburg; 873-8360; Eddie Molina: today; Pete Fetters: Fri.

Village Idiot: 309 Conant St., Maumee; 893-7281; Frankie May and Friends: Mon.; Bobby May and John Barile: Tue.

Village Inn: 4984 N. Holland Sylvania Rd., Sylvania; 882-0338; Stephen Woolley: Sun.

Ye Olde Durty Bird: 2 S. St. Clair St.; 243-2473; Steve Jabwisiak: today; Jeff Stewart and the 25s: Fri., Sat.; Ben Barefoot: Sun.; Jeff Stewart: Mon.; Jamie Mills: Wed.


Manhattan’s: 1516 Adams St.; 243-6675; Jarhead Jones: Fri.; Open Stage Blues Jam with Jeff Williams: Tue.


Bar 145: 5305 Monroe St.; 593-0073; Lori Lefevre Trio: Tue.

Degage Jazz Cafe: 301 River Rd., Maumee; 794-8205; Lori Lefevre: Fri.; Cynthia Kaay-Bennett: Sat.; Gene Parker: Tue.; Gene Parker and Friends: Wed.

Grand Plaza Hotel Aqua Lounge: 444 N. Summit St.; 241-5299 /; Jazz On the Maumee: Kyle Turner and KMB 3 Trio; Wed., 5:30-7:30.

Hamway’s On the Main: 5577 Monroe St., Sylvania; 885-0290; Mike Whitty and Cliff Murphy: Sat.

Holiday Inn French Quarter: 10630 State Rt. 20, Perrysburg; 874-3111; Double Dare: Fri., Sat.; Jackson Square Atrium: Gene Parker’s brunch show: Sun.

J Brown’s Trotters Tavern: 5131 Heatherdowns Blvd.; Jeff McDonald’s Big Band All Stars: Tue.

Manhattan’s: 1516 Adams St.; 243-6675; Jason Quick, Dick Lange: today; Jeff Williams Group, Ft. Isis: Sat.

Sodbuster: 5758 N. Main St., Sylvania; 517-1045; Ragtime Rick and the Chefs of Dixieland: Wed.

Village Idiot: 309 Conant St., Maumee; 893-7281; Bob Rex Trio: Sun.


Glass City Cafe: 1107 Jackson St.; 241-4519; Old State Line: Sat.

Sneaky Pete’s Saloon: 5347 N. Detroit Ave.; 470-9814; TJ Thomas and Kentucky Strait: Fri.