Man charged with trying traffic stop of police officer


Impersonating a police officer can get you an insider's view of a jail, especially when the person you're attempting to pull over is an actual police officer.

That's the lesson a 19-year-old Toledo man learned yesterday.

Chad A. Lange of 3624 Rugby Drive was booked into the Lucas County jail after being charged by Toledo police with impersonating a police officer and by Maumee police with underage possession of alcohol and carrying a concealed weapon. He was released on bond.

According to Toledo police, an off-duty Perrysburg Township police officer, Jeffrey M. Gebhart, was driving his own car north on the Anthony Wayne Trail about 6:30 a.m.

When he turned onto Sherwood Avenue, he noticed a dark-colored 1995 Ford Crown Victoria, the same type of car that is used by Toledo police, behind him.

The Ford's driver, who had the headlights rigged like those of an unmarked police car, flashed them at Officer Gebhart as if trying to pull him over.

The officer became suspicious and turned to get behind the Ford, which sped away down Toledo streets and into Maumee before pulling into the parking lot of the Lucas County Recreation Center.

Officer Gebhart, who had called Maumee police, ordered the driver out of the car. Maumee police assisted with the arrest.

Four unopened cans of beer and an air pistol were found in the car.

"I don't think he understands the consequences that could have occurred if he'd stopped the wrong person and they came out shooting," Maumee police Sgt. Gayle Lohrbach said.

Toledo police are continuing to investigate unrelated incidents in which two people have been impersonating police officers in the city.