Central city man is found shot to death

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    A central Toledo man was found shot to death early yesterday in an alley three streets away from the house where he lived with his sister.

    Also yesterday, the Lucas County coroner said his office ruled the August death of an 88-year-old North Toledo man a homicide, saying an assault on him months earlier contributed to his death.

    The 35-year-old shooting victim was identified as Eugene McMillian by his family and court records. Authorities and other records list his last name as McMillan. He was shot three times, with fatal wounds to his head and left thigh. The third shot grazed his neck, said Dr. Diane Barnett, deputy county coroner.

    He was found dead in an alley on Sylvan Avenue, just off West Bancroft Street, shortly before 5 a.m. The victim, who had a birthday Thursday, lived on Fitchland Avenue and was known as "Boobie," his family said.

    Police were sent to Sylvan and West Bancroft on a man down report. There also were reports of shots fired. Officers found Mr. McMillian in the alley.

    Anthony Moore writes on a memorial to Eugene McMillian as Antonio Mitchell waits his turn. McMillian was found shot to death yesterday in an alley off Sylvan Avenue.
    Anthony Moore writes on a memorial to Eugene McMillian as Antonio Mitchell waits his turn. McMillian was found shot to death yesterday in an alley off Sylvan Avenue.

    Capt. Diana Ruiz-Krause said police are investigating the motive. She did not know why Mr. McMillian was in the alley. Dr. Barnett said authorities think he left an after-hours place in the early morning and was walking along, carrying some boxes of food, when the shooting occurred.

    The captain said police have no information connecting his death with other homicides in the city the last two weeks - some of which are unsolved.

    Helen Henderson of Toledo said her brother had 11 children, ages 4 to 16, and was the youngest of 15. He was outgoing and tried to be a peacemaker. She said he loved to sing and rap and enjoyed music, particularly rap, gospel, and rhythm and blues, and used it to help kids get off the street.

    Ms. Henderson said she spoke with her brother about 6 p.m. Sunday and that he later was out promoting his CD. She doesn't know why he was killed.

    "We don't want anyone else going through what we are. This is terrible," she said.

    Red flowers, red and white balloons and bandanas, and liquor bottles marked a tribute on a pole on Hollywood Avenue near the family's home.

    "He was a caring person. Everybody respected him. He was like a father to everyone over here," said Antonio Mitchell, 19, who stood with about a half-dozen other males at the memorial.

    Court records indicate Mr. McMillian had convictions for disorderly conduct, assault, and drug-related offenses.

    But Mr. Mitchell said the victim raised and guided them and was changing his life.

    The other death recently ruled a homicide by the coroner's office is that of Ted Kusina.

    He died Aug. 6 in Heartland-Holly Glen Nursing Home on Monroe Street, where he was admitted for rehabilitation after an assault May 9.

    He was going to buy lottery tickets about 11:30 a.m. when he was attacked at Dexter and Lagrange streets by one or two youths who demanded his wallet. When he refused, he was pushed to the ground and his wallet was stolen.

    Mr. Kusina, who worked 32 years for the city's water department, was admitted to Toledo Hospital with a fractured hip and ribs. The former Mettler Street resident went to the nursing home June 5.

    After his death, he was buried in Calvary Cemetery. Coroner Dr. James Patrick said his body was exhumed Sept. 18 and an autopsy found Mr. Kusina had a number of serious natural diseases, such as heart disease and evidence of high-blood pressure. Lab results also showed evidence of leukemia.

    He also had multiple skeletal trauma, including multiple rib fractures and fractured right femur. After reviewing his records, the coroner said his office believes the assault contributed to Mr. Kusina's death.