3 arrested after major bust involving psychedelic drugs


Toledo police confiscated a massive amount of psychedelic drugs from several homes in the city on Sunday night and charged at least three men.

Police sources said at least three bathtubs full of psilocybin mushrooms were found, but three truck fulls of drugs were taken from the properties.

It's not clear from where the drugs were taken.

Arraigned in Toledo Municipal Court today were Ian Golbinec, 31, of 240 Eastern Ave.; Matthew Thierry, 41, of 5910 Berkey Southern Road, Whitehouse; and Mikael Stiles, 31, of 5360 Secor Rd. The men were arrested Sunday night, according to jail records.

Each suspect is charged with trafficking in drugs, illegal manufacturing of drugs, and possession of drugs. Mr. Golbinec and Mr. Thierry are also charged with tampering with evidence. Bonds were set, for each suspect, at $50,000, according to court records.

A cash bond was posted for Mr. Thierry this morning by Sara Lyke Thierry, according to court records.

All three men are to appear in court again on Sept. 24.