Suburban Crime Log: 9-22


Bedford Township


Steven Buford, guitar and video game system with game and accessories from garage in 1100 block of Howard.

Vicki Jamaa, shotgun with accessories from residence in 6200 block of South Telegraph.


Roy Hamilton, battery from asphalt paving vehicle in 9200 block of Summerfield.

Tom Pelham, laptop computer, brand name sunglasses, and navigation system from vehicle in 3600 block of Fordway.

Jessica Askam, unknown loss at storage units in 7300 block of Lewis.


Ida Township

Felonious assault

Walter Mayes, assaulted on street in 11700 block of Brookshire.




Thomas Meredith, unknown person broke into garage of residence in 1000 block of Craig, no loss reported.

Greg Adams, golf bag, golf clubs, shoes, and rain gear from residence in 500 block of Centerfield.

Ronald Hensley, Muirfield, Toledo, refrigerator, washer, dryer, air conditioning unit, and copper pipes from residence in 2700 block of River.


Linda Read, 1000 block of Valley Side, camera from 1100 block of Saco.

Ellen Klawitter, checkbook from vehicle in 2000 block of Key.




City of Northwood, 6000 block of Wales, cover for home plate of baseball diamond in 300 block of Brentwood.




Richard Lasater, lawn mower from garage of residence in 1500 block of Forester.

Dwane Bets, assorted tools from shed of residence in 3400 block of Mary Allen.

International Boxing Club, unknown person broke into club in 500 block of Earlwood, no loss reported.


Scott Gibson, cash, clothing, and tools from vehicle in 3100 block of Hazleton.

Jason Mendoza, CD player from vehicle in 2700 block of Bleeker.

Annette English, coin collection from residence in 100 block of Applewood.

Joe Marazon, 100 block of Waterfox, wallet and contents from 100 block of Brown.

Pamela Newton, sunglasses and wallet and contents from vehicle in 2600 block of Eastmoreland.

Florence Gearig, ring and photo album from residence in 2900 block of Dustin.

Chelsea Socie, Jerome, Mich., jewelry and cash from vehicle in 3300 block of Navarre.

Andrew Chetcuti, Enon, Ohio, Think Pad from vehicle in 2900 block of Seaman.

Eric Mies, cash, iPod, and lottery ticket from vehicle in 400 block of Grasser.

Michael Pettaway, TV from residence in 1100 block of Cardinal Bay.


Ottawa Hills


Monica Mancy, bicycle from garage of residence in 3800 block of Brookside.

Eric Pellegrini, bicycle from garage of residence in 4000 block of Bancroft.


Kiersten Robinson, change and handicap permit from vehicle in 3600 block of Brookside.

Charles Witte, change and checkbook from vehicle in 3400 block of Edgevale.




Craig Transportation Inc., four truck batteries from vehicles on business lot in 26000 block of Eckel.

Heritage Crystal Clean LLC, twelve batteries from vehicles on business lot in 26000 block of Eckel.


Perrysburg Township


Dr. Dorrin Birch’s office, mail from mailbox in 27000 block of Oakmead.

James Neu, political sign from front yard of residence in 7200 block of Winding Brook.

Angela Ginsburg, 100 block of Quail, purse and contents from 10000 block of Fremont Pike.

James Stewart, cell phone charger, GPS unit, and duffel bag from vehicle in 23000 block of Lime City.

Jennifer Shepherd, Corduroy, Curtice, Ohio, mail from 27000 block of Oakmead.

Bayes Inc., pipes from shed in 7400 block of Ponderosa.




Angelique Hennessy, empty CD cases, ear buds, and change from vehicle at residence in 200 block of Hannum.




Jacqueline Dewberry, Hoag, Toledo, cash from vehicle in 5100 block of Harroun.

Chad Shade, 5000 block of Arbor Way, 2002 black Cadillac DeVille with tools from 5600 block of Monroe.

Constantina Sklavos, cash from residence in 5100 block of South Main.

Daylene Scott, cell phone from residence in 6000 block of Graystone.

John Johnston, golf clubs and golf bag from vehicle in 4600 block of North McCord.


Sylvania Township


Nikyle Fitzgerald, 7000 block of White Tail, cell phone from 5800 block of West Central.

Debra Keigley, 4900 block of Valencia, wallet and contents from 7200 block of West Central.

Widad Yousif, 2900 block of Riva Ridge, purse and contents from vehicle in 5200 block of Monroe.


Whiteford Township


Shelly Hashley, TV from residence in 6300 block of Orchard Grove.