Landlord says he jumped out of window to flee robbers


A landlord jumped out of a window of a North Toledo building Friday to escape armed robbers, according to police reports.

Ron Jackson, 28, of central Toledo, was checking on a rental property at 2920 N. Ontario St. about 4:25 p.m. to collect rent. When he knocked, an unknown man let him in, then pulled him into a bedroom occupied by a second unknown man.

The two men robbed Mr. Jackson and hit him in the face with a gun, according to police reports. Mr. Jackson pleaded for his life, and the assault stopped when Mr. Jackson’s cousin, Donell Smith, 29, who had accompanied him to the residence, knocked on the front door.

One of the robbers opened the door while holding what appeared to be a gun behind his back and tried to pull him into the dwelling, according to police reports. Mr. Smith threw his cell phone at the robber and hit him in the face. Meanwhile, Mr. Jackson broke out a bedroom window and jumped. As he was fleeing, he said, he heard two gunshots, and he and his cousin ran away.

Mr. Jackson suffered minor cuts and swelling to his face, police said.