Baby born after car crash dies

Mother Rachel Kominek, 26, died in accident Thursday

Rachel Kominek
Rachel Kominek

A baby who was born on Thursday evening by cesarean section that was performed by emergency responders at a Wood County accident scene died Sunday morning at Mercy Children's Hospital in Toledo.

The baby was born to Rachel Kominek, 26, who was killed in the accident on U.S. 20 in Perrysburg Township.

The accident occurred when Mrs. Kominek's husband, Dustin, 24, lost control of his car on the snow-covered highway. The Kominek's car slide sideways and was struck by another vehicle.

Emergency workers delivered the baby inside an ambulance before the tiny victim was flown to the hospital.

A hospital spokesman said the Kominek baby died at 2:19 a.m.

The Lucas County Coroner's office said an autopsy would be conducted this week.