Police cruiser window shot out in East Toledo


The window of a Toledo police cruiser was shot out today while officers were on patrol in East Toledo.

Officers Matt Kovacs and Doug Rasik were in a patrol car driving westbound in the 1200 block of Starr Avenue when someone fired a shot and the window shattered sometime before 4:30 p.m.

Neither officer was injured although the glass shattered and “flew all over” Officer Kovacs, said Toledo police Lt. Mark King.

The officers did a U-turn on Starr and saw a suspect running from the scene. Officer Kovacs jumped from the vehicle and ran after the suspect, who eventually got away near Platt Street.

Police did not recover a gun. The cruiser was taken to the downtown Safety Building where officers were going to try to recover the bullet.

It's not clear what type of gun was used.

Lieutenant King said it is not clear if the suspect fired intentionally at the police cruiser.

“We sure hope [the police cruiser wasn't targeted], but we suspect it was,” the lieutenant said.