No gun on grounds but TPS considering disciplinary action for Raymer student


Reports that a student brought a gun to Raymer Elementary School today are false, police and Toledo school officials determined.

According to Sgt. Joe Hefferman, spokesman for the Toledo Police Department, a third grader was observed by a neighborhood resident showing a BB gun to a classmate while walking to school.

The resident notified school officials, who contacted police. Police questioned the boy when he arrived at school and later found the empty gun at his aunt's house.

School administrators will consider taking disciplinary action, which could include expelling the 9-year-old, even though the BB gun was never brougnt onto school grounds, said Jim Gault, the district's chief academic officer.

"Even though there was no immediate threat to our students, safety is our priority," Mr. Gault said. "We also have a responsibility for the safety of our students on their way to and from school."

Police and school officials today were scrambling to address reports that one or two students had brought a gun into the elementary school.

No threats were ever made and nobody was ever in danger, police and school officials said.

"The kid did not have a gun," Mr. Heffernan said.

Mr. Gault said initial erroneous TV reports prompted several alarmed parents to show up at the elementary school today and asking to take their children out of school today.

"We were a little disappointed in the mis-information that got reported," Mr. Gault said.