No cellphone involved in I-75 fatal accident in Toledo this week


Police said a Temperance man who died after his sport utility vehicle crashed into an Ohio Department of Transportation truck was not texting or talking on his phone when the Monday collision occurred.

Ken Harder, 51, died Tuesday at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, hours after police said his vehicle veered off the right side of I-75 north near Bancroft Street. Police previously reported Mr. Harder “was texting while driving,” but said today that further investigation revealed he was not talking or texting when the accident took place.

Police said the initial report was based on a truck driver witness who told police he saw Mr. Harder “distracted by his cell phone” shortly before the crash.

Mr. Harder’s family disputed that account, saying he never texted. Police returned to the scene and found parts of a cell phone, which the computer crimes unit determined belonged to Mr. Harder. Investigators who examined the phone determined Mr. Harder was not talking or texting when his car went off the road.