2 Fremont students approached by a stranger

Incidents occurred early today


FREMONT -- Two Fremont Middle School students were approached by a stranger, asking them to separately get into his truck, as they walked to school today, Fremont Police Chief Tim Wiersma said.

The incidents happened “a block and a half apart,” sometime before 7:30 a.m., when the incident was reported. Chief Wiersma said the suspect is described as a light-skinned, Hispanic male, mid to late 30s, driving a black or blue pickup truck. He said there are conflicting reports about whether or not the truck has an attached cab.

Chief Wiersma also said from the student reports, it seems like the truck may be described an older F-150 model.

The students were both walking to school separately and the female student, walking alone, was approached first. The suspect opened the passenger side door and asked her to get inside the vehicle. She refused and “walked across the street to get away,” he said. The suspect then attempted to approach the male student and he also was able to get away.

“Both then walked together toward the school,” he said.

Chief Wiersma said he plans to increase patrols in the area, in response to the situation.

“We always have a very good patrol around our school system," he said.