Clay High School athletic trainer charged with sexual battery

Woman loses job with ProMedica


An athletic trainer at Clay High School has been charged with two counts of sexual battery, Oregon police said today.

Melinda Rober, 35, was charged with the offenses after police on Friday investigated reports that a trainer contracted through ProMedica engaged in sexual misconduct with male students.

ProMedica officials in a statement said: "Mindy Rober is no longer an employee at ProMedica. We are cooperating fully with local authorities. Our athletic training program has an outstanding history and reputation and we in no way were aware of or condone any inappropriate behavior."

In a statement, Superintendent Michael Zalar said that school officials "immediately contacted the Oregon police department" when they received information about inappropriate sexual relations between a trainer and students.

Athletic training services in the district are contracted, and the trainer who was charged is not a district employee, Mr. Zalar said.

Oregon police are continuing an investigation.