Police urge motorists to keep keys, lock up


The Toledo police motto Monday was simple: "Keep your keys, keep your car," said Sgt. Joe Heffernan.

A car left running outside of a South Toledo home in the 800 block of Geneva Avenue was stolen by three juveniles Monday morning, one of whom was later arrested, the sergeant said.

The car, with keys in its ignition, was reported stolen at 7:45 a.m., Sergeant Heffernan said.

"It was a crime of opportunity for some juveniles," the sergeant said.

A man who witnessed the theft got in another vehicle and went after the suspects and also called 911.

There was a report that the stolen vehicle and the man's vehicle collided, but major damage and injuries were not reported.

The stolen vehicle was found a little more than a mile away in the 300 block of Daniels Avenue. One juvenile, a 16-year-old passenger, was arrested and being held in the Lucas County juvenile detention center. His charges were unavailable. Police late Monday were looking for two more juveniles who were involved in the theft.