Toledo teen who shot another teen to be sentenced July 2

June 8 altercation led to conviction on felonious assault charge


A Toledo teen found delinquent Friday of felonious assault with a gun specification will be sentenced July 2.

Deshawn Woods, 15, pleaded to the charges, which accused him of shooting Kevion Jones, 16, on June 8 at Cherry and Bancroft streets in North Toledo.

Lucas County Juvenile Court Judge Connie Zemmelman has discretion on the gun specification and can sentence the teen to one to three years in the Department of Youth Services; a one-year sentence on the felonious assault charge is mandatory, but the teen could be held until age 21.

Prosecutor Lori Olender, who oversees the juvenile division, offered to not move forward with adult certification if the teen accepted the plea deal.

In court Friday, the teen agreed that he used a gun, which was tucked into a shirt sleeve, to shoot twice at the Jones youth after the victim “threw a punch.”