Highway patrol to open new post in Ottawa County


PORT CLINTON – As part of a state-wide initiative to increase accessibility of Ohio Highway Patrol's public accessibility, a sub-post will officially open in Ottawa County on Wednesday.

The post has been operating out of the U.S. Border Patrol station, 709 SE Catawba Rd., Port Clinton, since April, Sandusky post Lt. A. L. Dechoudens said. The Border Patrol office, manned 24 hours a day, is charging the highway patrol no rent.

At least one Sandusky post trooper will be assigned to Ottawa County daily, with more potentially assigned to the sub-post during peak travel periods like the holiday season, Lieutenant Dechoudens said.

The sub-post “will allow the Sandusky post to provide a more consistent level of service to the residents of Ottawa County,” the lieutenant said. People may meet troopers there to get crash reports or discuss investigations, and it should also cut crash-response time in the county, he said.

Anyone wishing to meet with the on-duty trooper may call 419-625-6565.

The sub-post will be commanded out of the Sandusky Post in Erie County, but will be more convenient for area residents who need to meet with troopers.

The post will operate out of the U.S. Border Patrol office, 709 SE Catawba Rd., Port Clinton.

Additional information was not immediately available.