Dundee boy, 3, fatally shoots self in head

Gun's owner faces weapons firearm charge

  • Damon-Holbrook

    Damon Holbrook

  • Damon Holbrook
    Damon Holbrook

    DUNDEE, Mich. -- The man who owned the gun a 3-year-old used to kill himself was charged today with a high misdemeanor that carries a penalty of up to two years in prison.

    Joshua Michael Greenhill, 30, was arraigned in Monroe County District Court before Judge Terrence Bronson and charged with a weapons firearm charge: careless discharge causing injury or death. In addition to the prison time, the charge also carries a fine of $2,000.

    He was released on a personal recognizance bond that has several conditions. He will be given a court-appointed attorney.

    Damon Holbrook fatally shot himself in the head Sunday afternoon after finding the loaded 40 caliber Smith and Wesson on the floor of a bedroom closet, Dundee Police Chief David Uhl said today.

    The boy lived in the 300 block of Rawson Street in Dundee with his father and Mr. Greenhill.

    Earlier today, Brian Holbrook posted on Facebook about the death and urged people to think about gun safety.

    "Yesterday I lost my 3yrd son to a gun accident. We r all hoping to wake up from this nightmare. Though we know that it is now a living nightmare. My baby boy is gone & I will never get to hold him again. I will miss him terribly," Mr. Brian Holbrook of Dundee wrote.

    "I have nothing wrong with guns it's [what] this country was built on. I will still support the Second Amendment.

    "All I ask is that everyone please, please safety first lock it up and put it out of reach of anyone that has no business being around a gun especially kids."

    Joshua Michael Greenhill, left, during his arraignment. At right is Dundee police chief David Uhl.
    Joshua Michael Greenhill, left, during his arraignment. At right is Dundee police chief David Uhl.

    Mr. Greenhill, who has a permit to carry the gun and has no criminal record, came home from work Sunday and took his gun out of its holster. It was loaded with a bullet in the chamber. He put it in a plastic gun case that was not locked, Chief Uhl said.

    The chief said Mr. Greenhill laid the gun on the floor of an unlocked bedroom closet. Within five minutes of the suspect arriving home, Damon began playing with it and then shot himself.

    Police responded to the call at 4:19 p.m. Sunday. Monroe County emergency workers and volunteer firefighters attempted to revive Damon at the scene.

    He was transported to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, where he was pronounced dead in the hospital emergency room at 5 p.m.