Investigators display replica of Monroe car-bombing device


DETROIT - Federal investigators went public today with a replica of the home-made bomb that was detonated two years ago under the car of a Sylvania-based attorney, injuring him and his two sons.

Michael Eggleston, explosive device expert with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, said the pipe bomb hidden under Erik Chappell's car was assembled from parts used to operate a remote controlled car and detonated manually from within a half-mile of East Elm Street in Monroe, where the car blew up.

The replica of the pipe bomb constructed by Agent Eggleston was displayed to the media during a news conference in Detroit.

The blast happened two years ago today when Mr. Chappell, 44, was driving his sons, Grant, 15, and Cole, 13, to football practice at their school in Monroe. Both boys were seriously injured but have recovered.

Mr. Chappell, who practices law in Monroe and Sylvania, suffered cuts and bruises, but was not seriously hurt.