Monroe Co. officials to review hazardous roads policy


MONROE - Monroe County officials and agencies -- including the road commission -- were asked today to review the final draft of a policy to deal with hazardous roads and weather so that it can be adopted by the county's board of commissioners, said Jason Sheppard, a county commissioner.

An informal group of county officials have been meeting to devise such a policy, but the board of road commissioners last weekend put in place its own snow emergency plan -- which Mr. Sheppard has said cannot be enforced without the consent of the county commission and the sheriff.

Mr. Sheppard said that road commission representatives at the meeting tonight reported that their board would discuss the draft at a meeting Monday. 

The proposed policy calls for representatives for the sheriff, the chairmen of the county commission and the road commission, and the head of emergency management to consult on the type of advisory issued during hazardous conditions.