Suburban Crime Log: 2-01


Bedford Township


David Gubala and Lorrain String, guitars and tools from residence in 10400 block of Lewis.

Joseph Delbrocco II, Russell Morey, Russell Hoogendoorn, and Jenifer Hoogendoorn, jewelry, tools, medicines, phone accessories, bottles of perfume, firearm ammunition, stun gun, radio faceplate, backpack, and cash from vehicles in 4100 block of Smith.

Gerald Hines, cargo trailer from job site in 1800 block of Rauch.

Jeff Morse, navigation systems, tools, and toolbox from vehicle in 6300 block of Jackman.

Jean Summers, silver coins from residence in 9300 block of Secor.




Dustin Terry, unknown person broke into residence in 3100 block of Navarre, loss undetermined.



Deborah Sheets, cash from residence in 200 block of Wakefield.

Karen Shepherd mailbox from 5100 block of Bay Ridge.

Melissa Frank, iPad from residence in 1900 block of Immergrun.

Marie Landers, medication from purse in 3000 block of Navarre.

Thomas Bednar, known person stole assorted items from residence in 100 block of Waterfox, loss undetermined.


Sylvania Township


Toledo Edison, copper ground wire and camera from business in 5600 block of Central.




Robert Keil, video games, TV, desktop computer, cash, air compressor, and tools from residence in 800 block of Scott.



Kristen Kleis, catalytic converter from vehicle in 2000 block of Key.

George Mercer, Jr, catalytic converter from vehicle in 2000 block of Key.


University of Toledo


Maddisan Hoste, Belmont Lake, Perrysburg, laptop computer from dorm room in 2800 block of West Bancroft.



Rachel Hayes, 2600 block of Eastgate, cash from purse in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Luisa Pontious, Wauseon, cash from 3000 block of Arlington.

Preston Onyenacho, 2800 block of East Rocket, keys, shoes, gym bag and contents, and wallet and contents from 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Robert Clements, 100 block of San Rafael, headphones and wallet and contents from locker room in 2800 block of West Bancroft.




John Shaw, Toledo, Ohio, iPhone from 25000 block of North Dixie.

Catherine Michalak, bracelet from residence in 26000 block of Ottekee.


Perrysburg Township


Wells Fargo, potted plant from business in 28000 block of Kensington.


Springfield Township


Linda Williamson and Andrea Williamson, muffler and catalytic converter from vehicle in 6600 block of Dorr.


Swanton Township


Mary Beroske, jewelry from residence in 4700 block of South Berkey Southern.




Woodville Mall, unknown person broke into business in 3700 block of Williston, no loss reported.



Cental Ross, City Park, Toledo, wallet and contents from 2400 block of Oregon.




Wesley Hoeflinger, 3600 block of Barcelona, laptop computer, wireless router device, and carrying case from vehicle in 5700 block of Monroe.


Washington Township


Michael Cummings, iPad and Kindle Fire from residence in 200 block of Susan.


Whiteford Township


Lucas Rogers, laptop computers and smart phone from residence in 5800 block of Sterns.

Robert Ruhl and Jason Hatzidakis, dirt bike from residence in 4800 block of West Samaria.