Local communities to impose snow emergencies


BOWLING GREEN -- The cities of Bowling Green, Northwood, Perrysburg Township, and Tiffin will be under snow emergencies this evening in anticipation of a snow storm.

In Tiffin, the snow emergency will go into effect at 7 p.m. Vehicles parked on designated snow streets are to be removed by that time or risk being fined and/or towed. Those with cars parked elsewhere are asked to remove vehicles from city streets to assist the city with snow removal. Residents also are asked to clear snow from fire hydrants,

Bowling Green will be operating under snow emergency status starting at 8 p.m.

Cars must be moved off designated snow streets within two hours of that time, officials said. Cars not removed by 10 pm will be towed and their owners cited.

Removing vehicles from all city streets is encouraged. Because the heaviest accumulation of snow is expected overnight, city officials are hoping to be able to continue with city operations during that critical time period.

Perrysburg Township is under the same snow emergency and it will be in effect from 9 p.m today until 9 p.m., Wednesday, according to a news release from Police Chief Mark Hetrick.

Northwood's snow emergency will go into effect at 11:30 p.m.