Toledo police arrest two robbery suspects

  • Aaron-Jump-left-and-Dustin-Kaczala

    Aaron Jump, left, and Dustin Kaczala

  • Aaron Jump
    Aaron Jump

    Two men believed to be serial robbers were arrested by Toledo police Tuesday night.

    Dustin Kaczala
    Dustin Kaczala

    Charged with two counts each of aggravated robbery are Aaron Jump, 31, and Dustin Kaczala, 30, whose addresses were not available. Both are being held in the Lucas County jail pending arraignment Thursday in Toledo Municipal Court.

    Police Sgt. Joe Heffernan said the two were arrested after a traffic stop Tuesday night following a hold-up at Rudy's Hot Dog, 4748 Monroe St., which was robbed at 8:43 p.m.

    “We have been saturating that area,” Sergeant Heffernan said. “We believed something like this would happen.”

    At the time of the arrest, Jump was driving the vehicle; police allege that Kaczala was the one who robbed the hot dog restaurant.

    More charges are expected to be filed against both suspects; Sergeant Heffernan said the two can be linked to at least 12 other robberies in the West Toledo area.

    The apparent mode of operation was for one of the alleged suspects to go into a business, with a sock over what appeared to be a gun, and demand cash from employees. The other alleged suspect would stay in the car.

    Sergeant Heffernan said police took evidence from the suspects' vehicle, although he would not say if a sock or weapon was found. He also said the duo were “pretty careful in their location and how they were perpetrating their crimes as far as trying to conceal themselves.”

    Sergeant Heffernan could not elaborate on how the two allegedly chose their targets and were able to conceal their identities during the heists.

    “It took us a little bit of time to figure out that we had a pattern,” the sergeant said. “It was really good police work, trying to narrow down when and where they were likely to strike. We had officers in the area after it happened for this very particular situation.”

    Jump and Kaczala were taken into custody without incident, the sergeant said.