Suburban Crime Log: 3-15


Bedford Township


Mark Dearing, video-game system with games from residence in 1100 block of Cascade.

Robert Daudelin, David Daudelin, Nicholas Daudelin, and Eileen Mitchell, boxes of figurines from residence in 9700 block of Douglas.

Charlie Shadler, TV, DVD player, and video-game system with games and controllers from residence in 6200 block of South Telegraph.

Louis Sommer and Heather Nadeau, no known loss at residence in 8100 block of Jackman.


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Angela Listello, medicines from residence in 10000 block of Summerfield.

Jordan Snyder, Austin Teague, and Jackie Schultz, cash and calculator from school in 8200 block of Jackman.

Chad Putman, tailgates and box of tools from driveway in 7500 block of Monroe.


Harding Township


Denten Notman, cash and vehicle titles from residence in 800 block of Schwamberger.




Karlia Decant, Delta, Ohio, purse and contents from vehicle in 1600 block of Market Place.

Mallory Flynn, Dovewood, Sylvania, purse and contents from 2300 block of Village.

Larry McCurdy, Richmond, Ind., laptop computer, tools, tablet computer, charger, and iPad Mini from 1400 block of Reynolds.

Ann Hanna, Grand Rapids, Ohio, purse and contents from vehicle in 1300 block of Conant.




Joe Tomaselli, no loss reported at home in 2700 block of Pickle.

Tyler Kimble, TVs, laptop computers, and games from residence in 2700 block of Pickle.



Colton Fugates, Lime City, Perrysburg, cell phone from 500 block of Earlwood.

Jennifer Hendrickson, cash and global-positioning device from vehicle in 3100 block of Wick.

Roger Kraft, Mettler, Toledo, vehicle from 2200 block of Starr.

Santana Allred, Sunshine, cell phone from 2800 block of Navarre.

Michelle Moore, Forsythe, Toledo, assorted merchandise from vehicle in 3300 block of Navarre.




Michael Saust, catalytic converter from vehicle at home in 26000 block of Lakevue.

Kylie Lay, Old Ridge, Sylvania, contents from purse in 800 block of Three Meadows.


Perrysburg Township


Deidra Lizcano, video game and TV from residence in 12000 block of Jefferson.

Myra Grimes, TVs, video games, tennis shoes, jewelry, and computer tablet from residence in 7300 block of Ayers.



Mary Rogers, 25000 block of Fort Meigs, personal checks from 10000 block of Fremont Pike.

Kenneth Vaughn, handgun from residence in 29000 block of Lime City.

Patricia Barry-Smith, handgun from residence in 30000 block of Oregon.

Mona Cline, Harrowsfield, Sylvania, camera from 10000 block of Fremont Pike.

Brandon Dudek, 290th, Toledo, cash from 28000 block of Brookview.

Chris Cieslinski, music player and camera with case from vehicle at home in 29000 block of East Winners.


Springfield Township


Tiffany Clark, TVs from residence in 400 block of Banquot Way.

Leslie Vanderhorst, TV and video-game system from residence in 7500 block of Dorr.



Ashley Erb, cash from vehicle in 700 block of South McCord.

Thomas Borck, Stephen Bersinger, Aaron Ottolini, Matthew Hildebrand, Erin Hildebrand, and Andrew Curran, wallets, purses, credit cards, debit cards, personal papers, briefcase, camera, cell phones, and laptop with accessories from vehicles in 6700 block of Pilliod.

Carolyn Haas, jewelry from residence in 1800 block of North McCord.




Stanley Chandler, no known loss at home in 5700 block of Cushman.

Denise Guy, TVs from residence in 4700 block of Charlesgate.


Sylvania Township


Nickeia Martin, video games, video cartridges, and video controllers from residence in 5100 block of Langham.

Pat Nickolitie, garage-door opener from vehicle in 2300 block of Wimbledon.



Janet Bible, Defiance, wallet and contents from 7200 block of West Central.




Chase Prime, Columbus, air conditioner from property in 2400 block of Jamestown.



Cathy Pinkard, Adrian, miniature SD card from 2400 block of Oregon.


University of Toledo


Ricky Gonzales, West Woodruff, stereo equipment, vehicle power jump pack, stereo, and CDs from vehicle in 3000 block of Arlington.

Alzahra Alomran, North Holland-Sylvania, wallet and contents from 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Courtney Alt, Mackow, stereo equipment and stereo from vehicle in 3000 block of Arlington.

Kathleen Harman, Lowe, speakers from computer in 2800 block of West Bancroft.


Whiteford Township


Lucas Rodgers, medicine, video game system with games, TV attachments, and DVD from residence in 5800 block of Sterns.



Larry Lark, batteries from vehicle in 6200 block of Sterns.