Delta-area man found dead in Fulton County


WAUSEON — A Delta-area man who went out woodchuck hunting was found dead on his property in Fulton Township Wednesday.

Chad Spiess, 51, of 5750 County Road H in Fulton County, had a gunshot wound to his chest, according to information from Fulton County Sheriff Roy Miller.

The body was found at about 1:45 p.m.; Mr. Spiess reportedly went out hunting that morning.

The case, which is being described as a possible hunting accident, remains under investigation by the Fulton County Sheriff's Office and the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

Farmers and others hunt woodchucks for several reasons, such as related to safety concerns for livestock and for farm equipment. Farm animals that step into large holes made by woodchucks can wind up with broken legs. Farm equipment can be damaged by woodchuck burrows in fields. Some people hunt the large rodents to eat them.

Woodchucks damage crops, mostly by eating plants such as soybeans, corn, and alfalfa.