Inmate who escaped from Lenawee County Courthouse 2 weeks ago turns himself in

Scott Henning
Scott Henning

ADRIAN —   An inmate who escaped from the Lenawee County Courthouse almost two weeks ago while handcuffed turned himself in today, authorities said.

Scott Henning, 27, of Swanton, walked into the county sheriff’‍s office about 1 p.m. and was arrested without incident, according to a prepared statement from Sheriff Jack Welsh. He was to be returned to the jail, authorities said.

The inmate escaped about 10:15 a.m. June 9  when a holding cell door lock malfunctioned, city officials said. Mr. Henning was unarmed when he left the premises.

Officials from the sheriff‘‍s office‍ said Mr. Henning had been sentenced to spend 93 days in the Lenawee County jail for violation of probation on a reckless driving charge. While awaiting transportation back to the jail, he walked out a back door after the cell door on the holding cell he was in did not lock.

Adrian, the Lenawee County seat, is about 35 miles northwest of Toledo.