Shots fired at Fire Station No. 3's windows


Two windows at the newly renovated Toledo fire Station 3 were damaged over the weekend when they were struck by what appear to be rounds from a pellet gun.

Fire crews are not yet working out of the station and no one was inside at the time, said Pvt. Butch Rahe, a fire department spokesman. Private Rahe said the construction crew left the North Toledo station, at Bush and Erie streets, Friday evening and when they returned today, they found two double-pane windows — one in the kitchen and one in the vestibule — were shot into. The damage was reported to police; the windows will be replaced.

“It‘s our fire station, but it‘s the community‘s, too,” Private Rahe said. “An attack on our station is an attack on the community as we see it.”

Private Rahe said it‘s not known whether the shots were intended for the station.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 419-255-1111.