Police K-9’s ‘‍dangerous’ designation appealed


City officials Monday appealed a “dangerous” dog designation assigned to a police K-9 after the German shepherd bit a 9-year-old boy.

The appeal was filed in Toledo Municipal Court by Adam Loukx, the city’s law director. The appeal states that the city “disagrees” with the Lucas County Canine & Care ruling, which was offered July 24 by Director Julie Lyle.

The dog, J.J., bit a boy at Officer Brett Kohlman’s home June 21. Officer Kohlman is J.J.’s handler, and the boy was there playing with the officer’s children.‍

When Ms. Lyle offered the dangerous designation, her report did not cite specifics about the dog. Toledo police sent the dog and Officer Kohlman to work with its original trainer in Wapakoneta, Ohio. The trainer, Al Gill, wrote in a report that J.J. did not exhibit any unnecessary aggressive behavior.