Group tells governor to reform education

Leaders say many workers unqualified


CINCINNATI — Ohio business leaders are urging Gov. John Kasich to push hard on educational changes, saying there are good jobs they can’t fill for lack of qualified workers.

The Ohio Business Roundtable wrote to Mr. Kasich as he prepares in the next few days to unveil plans for revising the state’s school funding formula and his blueprint for a new two-year Ohio budget.

The business group includes executives of about 80 companies, such as the Procter & Gamble Co., J.M. Smucker Co., and Bob Evans Farms, and other large employers such as Ohio State University, hospitals, law firms, and foundations.

The group says Ohio is making progress, praising recent initiatives such as a third-grade reading guarantee and toughened ratings for school districts that will use A-F grades.

“Please keep your foot on the gas pedal,” stated the letter.