Lucas County Democratic Party endorses Matt Cherry to Toledo City Council

Seat being vacated by mayor-elect Collins

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    D. Michael Collins' Toledo City Council District 2 seat that will be vacated Thursday with the swearing-in of Mr. Collins as mayor.

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  • Matt Cherry.
    Matt Cherry.

    Matt Cherry, 33, a business agent for Sheet Metal Workers Local 33, was selected by the Lucas County Democratic Party tonight as its recommendation for Councilman D. Michael Collins's successor.

    The recommendation is subject to approval by the 11 remaining council members.

    Mr. Collins defeated incumbent Mayor Mike Bell in the latter's bid for re-election in November. Mr. Collins is to be installed as mayor on Thursday, leaving his council seat available.

    Lucas County Democratic Party Chairman Ron Rothenbuler said the party's executive committee selected Mr. Cherry because the screening committee "wanted a young person who would be committed to work hard and stay on as the District 2 representative in May because that is a district that has been lacking for Democrats."

    The Democratic Party's endorsement is usually considered to be highly influential. The council is dominated by Democrats.

    A special election in May will determine who holds the seat.

    Mr. Rothenbuler said Mr. Cherry's union ties played a role in the decision.

    "We expect the unions to support a candidate but that was the only thing," he said.

    Mr. Cherry, who was a Democratic central committee member for one term in the past, said he wants to continue the work of Mr. Collins in the district.

    "What Mr. Collins has done with District 2 has amazed me and I feel I can be the next guy to keep District 2 on track and make the neighborhood even better," he said.