Spitzer Building in downtown Toledo slated to close on Dec. 1


Tenants and business owners in the landmark Spitzer Building were told today that the 117-year-old building will close on Dec. 1 and they must move out.

Patrice Spitzer, who is the head of the Spitzer Building Co., made the announcement in the lobby of the downtown Toledo skyscraper at 520 Madison Ave.

“This is a sad day. I have to tell you that the Spitzer Building is closing,’’ she said.

Mrs. Spitzer, who has been the court-appointed receiver for the 10-story building since her company filed foreclosure action against the Ergur Equity Group in January, 2011, fought back tears as she told the tenants that they have just over 60 days to leave. Her dog, Rocky, a tri-colored Australian Shepherd, was by her side.

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of you staying in the building. This is the end of an era for sure. It’s a very sad day for downtown Toledo. It’s very sad for me. I am very sorry that all of you have to move. I hope that you stay downtown," she said.

The nearly 20 tenants who gathered in the lobby applauded Mrs. Spitzer at the end of her announcement. A long-time business owner hugged her as she left the building.

Mrs. Spitzer said the decision to close the building was made after a meeting on Tuesday with officials of the Lucas County Land Bank, which has been trying to take possession of the property.

She cited the costs in the day-to-day operations to maintain the building and the additional employees who were hired to comply with city fire code regulations as reasons for the closure.