Humana, Inc., one of the world’s largest healthcare companies


Humana, Inc., one of the world’s largest healthcare companies, offers group and individual health insurance plans, life insurance, dental and vision insurance, prescription drug cards and Medicare supplemental plans.

And it would like to know how you’re feeling today.

“Our main objective is to promote well-being,” says Rick Garlitz, marketing and sales support manager for Humana in Ohio. “We believe that if we can help people stay healthy, their healthcare costs will be lower, they’ll live longer, and they’ll be happier.”

An emphasis on healthy lifestyles is a priority for the company, not only for its health insurance customers, but for its employees as well.

In fact, Humana views well-being as encompassing five distinct elements.

• Pursue a Noble Purpose

Our services enhance quality of life and help shield our members from financial catastrophe when they are sick or injured.

• Respect and Engage Associates

We encourage an open exchange of ideas and a culture of engagement.

• Grow the Business, Profitably

We will evolve and prosper by meeting the changing needs of our customers.

• Foster Healthy People, Healthy Planet, Healthy Performance

We exemplify a responsible company wherever we do business.

• Embrace our Differences

To provide the most relevant services, we think, innovate and execute differently.

Humana has been an innovator in healthcare, for its customers and as an employer.

For example, Humana has a large number of Medicare members. These senior citizens are encouraged to pursue a healthy lifestyle, and so, Humana offers free gym memberships for its Medicare members. Silver Sneakers members can be seen working out at the YMCA, Urban Active, and other health facilities in the area.

Humana is an active part of the communities where it does business. The company has been a major sponsor of the Jamie Farr Toledo Classic, the U.S. Senior Open, the Northwest Ohio Rib-Off, Veteran’s HEROES RUN, Red, White, KABOOM, and recently, the Goodwill’s Ghoul will Ball. After the 2012 fireworks display, The Blade had this to say about Humana:

“The organization’s support of Red, White, KABOOM, as well as many other major community events presented by The Blade, is truly appreciated. Without their valued sponsorship, the life of these community oriented events, as well as the thousands of dollars raised for charities at these event each and every year, would be in jeopardy.”

Next year, Humana will be the presenting corporate sponsor of the 2013 National Senior Games – also known as the Senior Olympics – to take place in Cleveland, Ohio from July 21 to August 1. The Summer National Senior Games invites athletes ages 50 and older to compete in 19 medal-awarding sports and three demonstration sports.

The event is expected to involve 14,000 athletes, 20,000 family and friends, and 4,000 volunteers, making it the largest sporting event in the U.S. in 2013. “It’s for seniors from all over the country,” Mr. Garlitz says. “Close to 50,000 people will gather over a 12-day period. There will even be an Olympic Village for athletes, their families, and volunteers.

“It’s going to be a big deal.”