Woman’s drive to aid victims of storm multiplied by local residents’ help


Last Saturday, Joni Meyer-Crothers of Sylvania collected donations at Sylvania Area Family Services to take to New York City to help people recover from the Sandy superstorm that devastated parts of the Northeast. She had hoped to fill a truck and take it to her friend at Times Square Church.

Mrs. Meyer-Crothers was helped in her task by news coverage from several media outlets. “The most amazing thing for me is I think God slapped me in the face,” Mrs. Meyer-Crothers, a member of McCord Road Christian Church in Sylvania, said after the trip. The donations poured in.

Her thought is the slap was for thinking small — just one truck? “It was so awesome. We took three trucks on the first trip. We were able to fill six trucks total.”

The donations were distributed to people and congregations in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island from her friend’s church in Manhattan. The final truck left the Toledo area Wednesday. And five people who helped her are in New York City now, staying until Sunday to help with relief.

Now back home, she is continuing to help people in need. “Whatever the Lord brings to me,” she said, “I'll be obedient and do his work.”

On Nov. 21, she and others plan to feed the homeless and less fortunate at Bethlehem Baptist, 1430 W. Bancroft St., from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. People who would like to help with that dinner are encouraged to check her Web site, www.freetastesgood.com.