Obama secured votes of varied faiths, poll finds


The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life and CNN used exit polls to determine candidate preferences by voters’ religious orientation. The findings:

● Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) supported Mitt Romney 78 percent to 21 percent over President Obama.

● Protestants and other Christians, including Mormons, totaled 53 percent of voters. Fifty-seven percent voted for Mr. Romney; 42 percent, Mr. Obama, and 1 percent, other candidates.

● Catholics, 25 percent of the electorate, supported Mr. Obama 50 percent to 48 percent; 2 percent voted for others.

● The religiously unaffiliated total 12 percent of the electorate. Seventy percent voted for Mr. Obama; 26 percent, Mr. Romney, 4 percent, other candidates.

● In the “other faiths” category, which includes Muslims and the non-Judeo-Christian religions, at 7 percent of all voters, 74 percent were for Mr. Obama; 23 percent, Mr. Romney, and 3 percent, other candidates.

●The Jewish vote, 2 percent of voters, was 69 percent for Mr. Obama; 30 percent, Mr. Romney, and 1 percent, others.