Restaurant Inspections: 2-11


Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Onyx Cabaret, 532 - 34 S. Reynolds, inspected Jan. 28. Chemical dish machine not dispensing chlorine sanitizer as required. Contact licensed plumber to fix dish machine. Pop boxes on floor under three-compartment sink. Store pop boxes and food at least six inches off of ground to prevent cross contamination. Employee’s purse on three-compartment sink. Store employee belongings in designated area away from bar. Inspector: Kurt Susdorf.

Kroger, 1415 S. Byrne, inspected Jan. 29. Luke warm water to cold water at hand sink and three-compartment sink in produce back room. Hot water needs to be available at all times for proper hand washing and ware washing. Contact license plumber to repair hot water. Repeat violation. If hot water is not repaired within 30 days, a public health order will be issued. Out-of-date baby food on the sales shelf. Check baby food dates to make sure they are not past the discard date. Baby food removed from sale. Inspector: Susdorf.

Church’s Chicken, 1102 South, inspected Jan. 29. A leak on whole faucet and sprayer of three-compartment sink. Facility needs to shut the water off from underneath the sink to stop the leak in the faucet. Contact licensed plumber to repair sink immediately. A public health order will be issued to replace the faucet within 30 days. Prep top cooler holding foods at 44 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or less to prevent bacteria growth. Adjust cooler temperature. Fryers leaking grease. Grease accumulating under the fryers. Make repairs to prevent grease leaks. Inspector: Susdorf.

Pizzapapalis of Toledo LLC, 519 Monroe, inspected Jan. 29. Dishes being washed in the dish machine without sanitizer being properly dispensed. Check everyday with the test kit to verify concentration. Do not use this dish machine until repairs have been made and verified by this department. Repeat violation. Lasagna with an expired date 1/16. This should have been discarded on 1/13. Monitor discard dates closely. Container of chicken breasts improperly cooling 87 degrees. Follow proper cooling procedure. Several items in the upstairs bar area stored at room temperature. These items were marked refrigerate after opening. Discard these items. Read and follow the manufacturer’s label. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Emmanuel Paschalis-Manos, 1701 Adams, inspected Jan. 30. Diced tomatoes and cut leafy greens held on ice at 51 degrees rather than required 41 degrees or colder. Reapply ice to these products more frequently. Food being held without required seven-day discard date. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

The Toledo Club, 235 14th, inspected Jan. 30. Quaternary ammonia dispensing above 400 ppm in bakery. To properly sanitize, quaternary ammonia must be used at a concentration of 200 ppm. Contact chemical company to adjust dispensing machine. Numerous products in walk-in cooler being held without required seven-day discard date. Inspector: Bauman.

Golden Phoenix Restaurant LLC, 5201 Monroe, inspected Jan. 29. Found white rice sitting out at 98 degrees; cold hold such food at 135 degrees or greater. Wet wiping towels stored on food contact surfaces. Store wet wiping towels not in use in the sanitizer wipe cloth bucket. Corrected. Raw shrimp stored above ready-to-eat chicken. Store raw meats below ready-to-eat food to prevent cross contamination. Found chicken in the reach-in at 53 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or less. Do not allow food to sit out at room temperature. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 3506 Dorr, inspected Jan. 29. Kitchen floor in very bad condition with damaged tiles and grout. The floor is no longer easily cleanable and water is pooling in many places. This has been a repeat violation for the past four previous inspections and a public health order will be issued to address the problem. Hand sink and three-compartment sink lack hot water at proper temperature. Restore the hot water immediately. Inspector: Wilke.

Toledo Market & Restaurant, 3410 Dorr, inspected Jan. 30. Sporadic date marking throughout the facility. Ready-to-eat food in the walk-in cooler. Store ready-to-eat food above raw meats to prevent cross contamination. Missing labels on some packaged desserts and the bulk bin of pickled turnips requires an ingredients statement. Properly label packaged food. Kitchen glass door cooler is holding food above 41 degrees. This cooler is not designed to be used in a food service nor is it designed to cool food. Provide an NSF approved cooler designed to hold a working supply of food and hot food must only be cooled in the walk-in cooler. Inspector: Wilke.

Ali’s Meat Market, 3240 Sylvania, inspected Jan. 30. Sanitizer bucket lacks chlorine bleach. Maintain sanitizer at proper level. Corrected. Back room is full of unused equipment and disorganized. Remove unused equipment as it provides harborage for pests and inhibits cleaning. Repeat violation requires immediate attention. A vent was installed on the three-compartment sink but a two-inch air gap is still required. Raw bacon stored above cheese in the reach-in cooler. Store raw meats below ready-to-eat food to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Wilke.

Kroger, 4533 Monroe, inspected Jan. 29. Deli hand sinks do not have 100 degrees water. Restore hot water immediately to allow for proper hand washing. Improper labeling on package items in the produce department. Properly label food. Raw bacon stored above ready-to-eat in the meat case. Store raw meats below ready-to-eat food. Inspector: Wilke.

Foodtown, 2725 W. Central, inspected Jan. 28. Improper labeling on packaged produce, deli items, and hamburgers. Properly label such food. Dessert case holding cheesecake at 43 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or less. Raw sausages stored above raw bacon and raw pork over horseradish sauce. Follow proper food storage order. Shredded cheese hanging in open case is holding at 48 to 49 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or less. Cooler is overstocked. Reduce amount of stock in the cooler. Inspector: Wilke.

Kroger, 8730 Waterville Swanton, Waterville, inspected Jan. 30. Yogurt parfaits and fruit platters mislabeled. Food product out for retail sale must be properly labeled with the full ingredient statements for products inside. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Walt Churchill’s Market, 3320 Briarfield, Maumee, inspected Jan. 30. Full ingredient statements on items in the bakery display case are missing. Cupcake ingredient statements do not have the full ingredients on the label. Items packaged for retail sale must include ingredient statements for items in the product. Re-label the products to sell. Food made in the deli and put out for retail sale at the work kitchen area are mislabeled and unlabeled. Food products put out for retail sale must have the full ingredient statements present labeling ingredients from most prominent by weight to least prominent. Label must also include the allergen statements. Inspector: Becker.

Ruby’s Kitchen, 4933 Dorr, inspected Jan. 29. Two unlabeled chemical spray bottles in waitress area. Generic spray chemical bottles need to be labeled with proper chemical name to prevent any chemical contamination. Inspector: Susdorf.

Magoo’s Convenience Store LTD, 433 Dearborn, inspected Jan. 31. Missing date marks on containers of food (hot dogs and chili). Food held longer that 24 hours must be date marked to limit bacteria growth. Missing/improper labels on spray bottles. Properly label spray bottles with common name of contents for proper identification and prevent possible contamination. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

BP Oil Refinery Cafeteria - Toledo, 4001 Cedar Point, Oregon, inspected Jan. 31. Salad bar holding food at unsafe temperatures. Food must be held at 41 degrees or less to limit bacteria growth. Service/adjust unit to maintain proper internal temperature of food. Inspector: Tester.

Catholic Club, 1601 Jefferson, inspected Jan. 29. Upstairs chemical dish washer was out of sanitizer. Refill sanitizer to properly sanitize dishes. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center Coffee Shop, 2213 Cherry, inspected Jan. 24. Cheese being held at 47 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or below. Inspector: Brady.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, 2213 Cherry, inspected Jan. 24. Stickers and sticker residue on clean pans. Stickers and residue must be removed to prevent cross contamination. Pans are not considered clean until residue is removed. Inspector: Brady.

Le Pam Pam Pizzeria, 901 Madison, inspected Jan. 25. Food throughout facility lacks required seven-day discard date. Sanitizer bucket at 400 ppm rather than at 200 ppm. Hand sink without paper towels. Hand sink should be stocked with paper towels for proper hand drying. A linen towel being used instead of paper towels. Linen towels can harbor bacteria and should not be used for hand drying. Corrected. Facility lacks sanitizer test strips. Provide test strips. Wiping clothes stored out of sanitizer. Wipe clothes should be stored in sanitizer when not in use to prevent bacterial growth. Inspector: Nathan Fries.

Walmart, 3721 Navarre, Oregon, inspected Jan. 29. Ground meats stored in walk-in meat cooler. Practice proper food storage order to prevent possible cross contamination. Corrected. Seafood display cooler holding food at unsafe temperature of 38 to 45 degrees. Service/adjust cooler to maintain proper temperatures. Product pulled. Self-serve hot holding unit holding fried chicken at unsafe temperature. Service/adjust unit to maintain proper temperatures. Product pulled. Spray bottle without label in meat area. Working spray bottles must be labeled with common name of contents to prevent possible contamination. Inspector: Tester.

The Library Cafe by Eddy B’s, 325 Michigan, inspected Jan. 10. Cheesecake lacks required seven-day discard date. Corrected. Wipe bucket bleach concentration below 50 ppm rather than at 50 to 100 ppm. Inspector: Fries.

Ottawa Park Ice Rink, 2240 Bancroft, inspected Jan. 18. Hot dogs lack seven-day discard date. Inspector: Fries.

Peking Kitchen, 12 E. Bancroft, inspected Jan. 18. Eggs stored above ready-to-eat food and raw meats being stored above produce. Eggs need to be stored on the bottom shelf below ready-to-eat food and raw meats need to be stored below produce to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Fries.

Lucas County Youth Treatment Center, 225 11th, inspected Jan. 23. Facility lacks sanitizer for sanitizing food contact surfaces. Provide sanitizer to prevent bacterial growth. Inspector: Fries.

Polekatz, 715 Monroe, inspected Jan. 23. Wipe bucket at 50 ppm quat rather than at 200 ppm to properly sanitize food contact surfaces. Corrected. Cup used as ice scoop in ice bin. Obtain scoop with a handle and store it out of the ice to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Fries.

Lucas County Juvenile Justice Center, 1801 Spielbusch, inspected Jan. 16. Hand sink next to the prep sink not providing hot water. Repair hand sink to provide hot water necessary for proper hand washing. Inspector: Fries.

Big C’s Smoked Bar-B-Que, 316 N. Michigan, inspected Jan. 17. Pulled pork being held below 135 degrees. Food should be held above 135 degrees to prevent bacterial growth. Inspector: Fries.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center/Heart, 2400 Cherry, inspected Jan. 24. Upright cooler holding food at unsafe temperatures. Food items removed and maintenance called. Stickers and sticker residue on clean pans. Remove stickers and sticker residue from pans to prevent cross contamination. Pans are not considered clean unless residue is removed. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Einstein Montessori, 5039 Dorr, inspected Jan. 30. Employee items mixed in with facility’s food in one door cooler and dry storage shelves. Employee items need to be stored in a designated area (bottom shelf of cooler) away from facility food. Insspector: Susdorf.

El Tipico Taco, 1444 South, inspected Jan. 30. Ground beef and refried beans at 120 degrees in steam table. The steam table’s temperature was turned down. Facility turned up steam table and reheated beans and ground beef on stove to 165 degrees. Inspector: Susdorf.

Church’s Chicken, 1530 Byrne, inspected Jan. 26. No paper towels in stock at either hand sink. Hot water inadequate to hand sinks. Inspector: Brady.

Baltimore Cafe, 901 Monroe, inspected Jan. 30. Under counter cooler in bar area holding food at 47 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or below. Cooler adjusted. Inspector: Bauman.

Zia’s, 20 Main, inspected Jan. 30. Two unlabeled chemical spray bottles at the bar. Label spray bottles with the common name of ingredients. Corrected. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Owens Corning, 1 Owens Corning, inspected Jan. 30. Hand soap dispenser at kitchen hand sink malfunctioning. Make repairs immediately. Ready-to-eat vegetables stored in designated hand sink at the sandwich station. Never put food inside this sink. Raw chicken breasts being thawed inside the middle bay of the three-compartment sink. This sink is designated for ware washing. Use the food preparation sink for food prep. Inspector: Cipiti.

Jimmy John’s, 3002 Glendale, inspected Jan. 28. No sanitizer in use during inspection. Use 100 ppm plain chlorine. Inspector: Brady.

Church’s Chicken, 2124 Franklin, inspected Jan. 11. Several missing and cracked tiles throughout facility causing puddles of water to be present. Replace missing and cracked tiles in facility. Repeat violation. Unlabeled chemicals on site. Chemicals must be labeled to prevent possible chemical contamination. Inspector: Fries.

Packo’s At The Park, 7 S. Superior, inspected Jan. 28. Front sanitizer bucket and bar sink sanitizer low. Quat sanitizer is being used. Maintain at 200 ppm. Use the test kit to verify the concentration, refresh buckets and sink more frequently. Inspector: Cipiti.

Tavern 531, 531 Oak, inspected Jan. 28. Build up in side the ice machine. Build up in the beverage holster and gun. Clean and sanitize inside surfaces. Inspector: Cipiti.

Gyro & Kabob Express, 7130 Airport, Holland, inspected Jan. 29. Date marking sheet is not up to date. Update sheet daily. Inspector: Becker.

Scott High School, 2400 Collingwood, inspected Jan. 29. No wipe buckets set up and wet wipe rags sitting out. A wipe bucket must be set up during hours of operation with 200 ppm quat or 50 to 100 ppm bleach. Wet wipes rags harbor bacteria and must remain completely submerged in sanitizer solution between uses. Inspector: Seger.

Stop N Shop-BP/Barney’s Convenience Mart, 4128 Monroe, inspected Feb. 1. Reach-in cooler holding food slightly above 41 degrees. Reduce the amount of stock to increase airflow. Inspector: Wilke.

Vito’s, 4235 Douglas, inspected Feb. 1. A blocked hand sink. Hand sinks must be free and clear to properly wash hands. Corrected. The chemical spray bottle that was not labeled containing quat sanitizer only had 100 ppm quat in it. Maintain quat at 200 ppm and label spray bottles with contents common name. Inspector: Wilke.

Red Wells Roast Beef Shop, 1740 Sylvania, inspected Jan. 28. Employee belongings (hats, aprons, and car keys) on dry storage racks in back room of kitchen. Employee belongings needs to be stored in a designated employee area away from food. Repeat violation. Inspector: Seger.

Holiday Inn Express, 3154 Navarre, Oregon, inspected Jan. 28. No food contact sanitizer. Provide sanitizer for food contact surfaces. Maintain chlorine at 50 to 100 ppm and quat at 200 ppm. Inspector: Tester.

Ranya’s, 608 Adams, inspected Jan. 25. Prep top cooler was not repaired. Ice is being used in the top of this unit to keep food cold. Service cooler so that it is properly working. This is a mechanical unit and is not designed to use ice to hold cold. Repeat issue. When using ice as a temporary means of cold holding each container must be surrounded with ice up to the food level. If the container is too large and half of the container is above the ice this is not going to hold the food in the top of the container cold. The container of mayo must be surrounded in ice. Inspector: Cipiti.

La Chanilla Tamaleria & More, 222 S. Summit, inspected Jan. 24. Refried beans and rice lack seven-day discard date. Unlabeled chemical bottle above three-compartment sink. Generic chemical bottles need to be labeled with chemical to prevent chemical contamination. Label bottle. Inspector: Susdorf.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 3730 Secor, inspected Jan. 25. The sandwich prep cooler is in use and not turned on. Shredded cheese is holding cold at 58 degrees and sliced cheese is holding cold at 56 degrees. Food must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Do not begin using any cold holding equipment unless it is turned on and chilled down to proper holding temperature of 41 degrees or lower. Food handlers must also periodically check temperatures throughout the day to monitor equipment and make sure its working properly. The cheeses in this unit were discarded. The prep top was turned on and is now holding an ambient air temperature of 33 degrees. Inspector: Susdorf.

The Wing Station, 4015 Secor, inspected Jan. 25. Gyro meat is 120 degrees on the spit. Gyro meat cannot stay on the spit while it is turned off. Gyro meat must be held hot at 135 degrees or higher or must be properly cooled under refrigeration and held cold. Gyro was sliced and reheated. Bulk containers of feta cheese and pickled peppers stored beneath raw chicken in the walk in cooler. Raw poultry, meats and eggs must be stored separate from or below ready-to-eat food to prevent cross contamination. Ready-to-eat food were moved to another area of the cooler. Refrigerated, ready-to-eat food must be date marked when the food is prepared or the manufacturer’s packaging is opened. Food such as grape leaves, rice pudding, and homemade salad dressings must be date marked. Food may be held up to 7 days at 41 degrees or lower. Sanitizer buckets are set up, but sanitizer concentration is too week. Inspector: Susdorf.

The Blarney Irish Pub, 610 Monroe, inspected Jan. 25. Improper cooling observed. Potato soup was in a large stock pot in the walk-in cooler at 100 degrees. Proper cooling requires 135 to 70 degrees within two hours or less and then four hours to cool from 70 to 41 degrees or less. This container of soup must be discarded because it was not cooled properly. Inspector: Cipiti.

Gateway Food & Fuel d/b/a Gateway Express/Subway, 305 Clayton, inspected Jan. 24. Dairy walk-in cooler holding several food items at 45 degrees rather than at 41 or less. Repair cooler. Two unlabeled chemical spray bottles underneath hand sink in front of subway store. Generic chemical bottles need to be properly labeled with chemical name to prevent chemical contamination. Label bottles. Inspector: Susdorf.

Star Academy of Toledo, 1850 Airport, inspected Jan. 24. Taco salads sitting on line at room temperature. Salads with cheese and meat have to be stored in a cooler at 41 degrees or less until lunch has started to prevent bacteria growth. Salads were placed in cooler. Inspector: Susdorf.

Lenny’s, 5444 Airport, inspected Jan. 24. Mold inside ice machine. Wash, rinse, and sanitize. Use 50 to 100 ppm plain chlorine. Remove ice while cleaning. Inspector: Brady.

Little Ceasar’s, 1515 S. Byrne, inspected Jan. 24. Batteries dead on digital food thermometer. Inspector: Brady.

Speedway, 2172 Arlington, inspected Jan. 24. Employee washing hands in rinse sink of three-compartment sink. Hands must be washed only in hand sink. Inspector: Brady.

Ottawa River Yacht Club, 5844 Edgewater, inspected Jan. 24. Wipe cloth bucket lacks proper level of sanitizer. To properly store damp/soiled cloths, the wipe cloth bucket must be at 100 ppm when using chlorine. Provide a chlorine test kit to verify proper chemical concentration. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

YMCA Child Development Center at St. Charles, 2600 Navarre, Oregon, inspected Jan. 25. Upright cooler holding food at unsafe temperatures. Food must be held at 41 degrees or less to limit bacteria growth. Service/adjust cooler to maintain proper internal temperatures of food. Inspector: Tester.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 1830 Laskey, inspected Jan. 22. Ground level lid of grease interceptor in kitchen leaking when sinks are drained. Also noticed sewage gas smell from same area. It has come to the attention of this department that there have been issues regarding the grease interrupter backing up in recent weeks. Facility has received service from licensed contractors and problem remains. City of Toledo Department of Environmental Service has been notified of problem. This agency is going to require that repairs necessary to fix grease interrupter and sewage disposal be completed within 24 hours. If problem still persists at time of recheck further aggressive action may be taken by this agency. Run drain unplugging device to sewer tap. Retain receipts. Inspector: Brady.

Panda Chinese Restaurant, 1531 Sylvania, inspected Jan. 28. Back screen door is no longer a tight fitting door that will prevent the possible entry of pests. Provide a back screen door that is tight fitting. Repeat violation. Back brick wall has paint chipping off, is moldy, and is no longer smooth and cleanable. Paint wall to create a smooth, cleanable and nonabsorbent surface. Floor, walls, and ceiling surfaces must be in good and clean condition at all times. Repeat violation. Wet wipe rags sitting out rather than properly stored. Change bucket often. Inspector: Brady.

Our First Love, LLC, 2704 Central, inspected Jan. 30. Turkey sandwiches sitting out at 60 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or less to prevent the growth of bacteria. Store wet towels in the sanitizer bucket when not in use to prevent the growth of bacteria. Corrected. Inspector: Wilke.

Gateway Express, 4458 Monroe, inspected Jan. 31. Raw shell eggs stored on ready-to-eat food. Store raw eggs below ready-to-eat food. Sleeves of Pop Tarts labeled not for individual sale are for sale. Remove items from sale. Back room in disarray. Hand sink and three-compartment sink are completely blocked and there is not light at all. There is lot of clutter that needs to be removed. The sinks must be clear and accessible in order to properly was hands and ware wash. Restore the light and remove the clutter. The sinks must be accessible by tomorrow or the facility may not offer fountain beverage, cappuccino, nacho cheese or coffee. The sinks are needed to offer those items. Inspector: Wilke.

Lai Lai Asian Mart, 3205 W. Central, inspected Jan. 28. Some packaged food without proper labeling. Food packaged must have a label stating the content’s common name, a list of ingredients, net weight and responsibility statement. Inspector: Wilke.


Recently inspected restaurants with no violations:

City Hall Grille & Drinks, 315 S. Reynold.

Olney Market, 1950 N. Stadium, Oregon.

EOPA Toledo Lucas County Head Start St. James, 872 Orchard.

McKinley Elementary School, 3344 Westland.

Family Dollar, 1910 W. Bancroft.

TJ’s Courthouse Cafe, 700 Adams.

Northwest Ohio Development Center, 1101 Detroit.

Downtown Latte, 44 S. St. Clair.

Ridgewood Manor, 3231 Manley, Maumee.

Mad Anthony’s Tavern, 21 N. Third, Waterville.

Toddler Tech Child Care, 1540 Holloway, Holland.

Sunoco, 6825 Finzel, Whitehouse.

Soccer Centre, 1620 W. Marketplace, Maumee.

Oregon Senior Citizens’ Center Inc., 5760 Bayshore, Oregon.

Georgio’s, 426 N. Superior.

Wingyro’s, 560 E. Broadway.

Libbey Hall, 2801 W. Bancroft.

Little Sprouts Academy LLC, 4014 Elmhurst.

Grannie Thomas Family Learning Center, 4206 Monroe.

Apple Tree Nursery School Inc., 2801 W. Bancroft.