Restaurant Inspections: 4-22


Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Eastgate Carryout, 1853 Eastgate, inspected March 21. No dates on Stewart hamburger sandwiches -- do not sell. Also three packages of Gold Ham Eggs out of date -- Feb. 8 and Feb. 22. Removed from sale. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Wendy’s, 2866 Navarre, Oregon, inspected March 22. Front chest cooler holding food at unsafe temperatures. Cooler adjusted to maintain proper temperatures. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 2801 W. Bancroft, inspected March 18. Potato wedges holding at 120 degrees rather than at 135 degrees or higher. Food item discarded. Cashier accepted payment wearing gloves, then handled potato wedges with same gloves on. Food handlers must remove gloves when changing tasks and wash hands prior to putting on a new pair of gloves. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Imagination Station, 1 Discovery Way, inspected March 21. Quat sanitizer dispenser not calibrated to the required 200 ppm. Contact service representative to make repairs. Food items lacking proper discard date. Properly date food items. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

My First Days Daycare & Learning Center, 580 N. Byrne, inspected March 26. Deli sandwiches at 48 degrees. Food is catered from Club 300. Sandwiches must arrive from caterer at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Sandwiches were placed in cooler at time of arrival. Inspector: Kurt Susdorf.

Sunoco, 3503 Hill, inspected March 26. Employee belongings on shelf above retail food in walk-in cooler rather than in separate area. Inspector: Susdorf.

Ottawa House, 2801 W. Bancroft, inspected March 26. Pasta salad and quinoa salad at the salad bar both holding at 45 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or lower. Food in cold well voluntarily discarded. Inspector: Wilke.

Subway, 20 E. Alexis, inspected March 25. Chemical spray bottle stored on bottom shelf of prep table with food-contact items, Store chemicals in separate area.items. Corrected. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Koney Grill LLC, 30 E. Alexis, inspected March 26. Chili and cheese sauce reheating in steam table. Properly reheat foods. Never use steam table to reheat food. Chemical spray bottle near food and food-contact items in storage area. rather than stored separately. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

Balance Pan Asian Grille, 514 The Boulevard, Maumee, inspected March 25. Steam table holding various sauces at 108-110 degrees. Maintain proper temperature for such food. Front kitchen cookline area hand sink is in disrepair. Contact licensed plumber to make repairs. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

China Chef, 2528 Perrysburg-Holland, Maumee, inspected March 25. Improper cooling practices. Follow proper cooling methods. Inspector: Bauman.

China House, 255 Golden Gate Plaza, Maumee, inspected March 25. Cooked chicken sitting out at room temperature in containers for use in preparing meals. Keep all supplies of cooked food products under refrigeration and take out only what is needed for a particular order. To prevent potential cross contamination, follow the storage order guidelines. Inspector: Bauman.

Elephant Bar Restaurant, 5001 Monroe, inspected March 21. Chicken noodle soup at 117 degrees and tomato bisque at 120 degrees. Soups double panned in the steam table. Food must be held hot at 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth. Inspector: Kerry Sattler.

Barry Bagels, 3305 W. Central, inspected March 21. There are two date-marking systems in place. Use one consistent method of date marking food or specify on the label which date is indicated. Refrigerated, ready-to-eat food may be held up to seven days at 41 degrees or lower. Inspector: Sattler.

Subway, 3107 Navarre, Oregon, inspected March 25. Spray bottle lacks proper labeling. Inspector: Tester.

Ye Olde Durty Bird, 2 S. St. Clair, inspected March 26. Barbecue pork improperly reheated at 130 degrees in table-top warmer. Reheat on a direct heat source to 165 degrees within two hours Corrected. Inspector: Cipiti.

University of Toledo - Starbucks, 2801 W. Bancroft, inspected March 21. Hand sinks have only 74 and 78 degrees water. Hand sinks must have at least 100 degrees for proper hand washing. Restore the hot water. Inspector: Wilke.

Jackman School, 2010 Northover, inspected March 27. Milk holding at 45 degrees. Food must be held at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. Cooler adjusted. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

7-Eleven, 3749 Upton, inspected March 28. Bread stored under employee coats. Food must be stored above and away from employee personal items to prevent cross contamination. Corrected. Inspector: Nathan Fries.

Polekatz, 715 Monroe, inspected March 22. Employee food stored near food/beverage in walk-in cooler. Store employee food in separate area. Inspector: Fries.

Byblos, 1050 S. Reynolds, inspected April 1. Repair broken window in kitchen. Inspector: Brady.

Wixey Bakery, 4400 Heatherdowns, inspected March 5. Food thermometer needed for soup. Inspector: Brady.

Deja Vu Toledo, Inc., 135 S. Byrne, inspected April 2. No quat sanitizer sink or bucket set up as required. Inspector: Susdorf.

Speedway, 2502 W. Alexis, inspected April 3. Creamer machine holding at 67 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or below. Remaining creamer discarded. Adjust/repair machine to hold below 41 degrees. Sticker residue still on containers. Containers are not considered clean unless sticker residue is removed. Employees must wash hands in the designated hand sink prior to putting on gloves and handling food. Inspector: Seger.

Max Mart, 310 W. Alexis, inspected April 3. Facility selling cups of ice with no ingredients label. Inspector: Seger.

Boomers Diner, 1855 S. Reynolds, inspected March 22. No wipe cloth solution buckets in use. This is a must. Quat test kit needed. (must be 200 ppm). Inspector: Brady.

South End Pizza, 1808 Arlington, inspected March 26. Broken gasket on walk-in cooler door. Inspector: Brady.

32 Degrees, 5122 Heatherdowns, inspected March 13. Thermometer needed for walk-in cooler. Inspector: Brady.

Marsala Cuisine of India, 1855 Reynolds, inspected March 14. No sanitizer solution bucket set up. Soiled rag on prep-table top. Observed soap being added to sanitizer bucket made up during inspection. Do not add soap to sanitizer. No hot water in men’s restroom as required. Inspector: Brady.

Marathon, 1719 Lagrange, inspected April 2. Raw shell eggs stored above beverages in the two-door display cooler. Follow proper food storage order. Hot water side of bathroom hand-sink faucet broken. Replace broken faucet. Sink is required to have hot water at minimum of 100 degrees. Inspector: Stanley.

Bob Evans, 1220 E. Alexis, inspected April 2. Improper thawing of soup in the prep sink without water. To limit bacteria growth, thawing may only be done under the following conditions: Under refrigeration, completely submerged under constant running cold water in the prep sink, in the microwave of cooking immediately, and cook from frozen state. Inspector: Stanley.

Express Carryout of Toledo LLC, 1920 Mulberry, inspected April 2. Uncovered employee beverage stored on a rack above the prep-top cooler; store such items in separate area. Corrected. Repeat violation. Food items cooling in walk-in cooler completely covered. Follow proper cooling methods. Corrected. Pizza in the display case and chili in the warmer below 135 degrees rather than above 135 degrees. Wipe cloth buckets need to be at 200 ppm for food contact. Inspector: Stanley.

Happy’s Pizza, 1472 W. Sylvania, inspected April 3. No hand towels at either prep sink. Properly stock hand sinks. Slicer with dried food debris. Properly clean slicer. Dirty containers washed unsatisfactorily. Properly wash containers. Cups and containers used as scoops in bulk items. Provide proper scoops. Lunch meats and desserts with no date marks as required. Quat in wipe bucket over 400 ppm rather than at 200 ppm. Inspector: Seger.

Vito’s Pizza and Subs, 2129 N. Reynolds, inspected April 2. Inconsistent date marking of frozen food in walk-in cooler. Once removed from freezer, food (wings, macaroni and cheese, and chicken) has a seven-day discard period. Date mark food once thawed from frozen. Pan of frozen macaroni and cheese with a thawed date of 3/17. Luke warm water at hand sink by cash register. Hand sinks need to have hot water above 100 degrees. Several unlabeled chemical spray bottles; properly label spray bottles. Inspector: Susdorf.

Burger King, 1441 Secor, inspected April 1. Chlorine sanitizer in two buckets was low. Maintain chlorine sanitizer at 50 to 100 ppm to safely sanitize. Corrected. Inspector: Wilke.

Petit Fours Patisserie and The Cafe, 27 Broadway, inspected March 26. Bag of meat held past the maximum seven-day holding period. Meat discarded. Monitor dates closely and discard when necessary. Extensive remodeling has been taking place that directly affects this facility without the knowledge of this department. Dry stock storage has been removed, the walk-in cooler has been relocated, and the prep sink has been completely removed. Provide proper storage capacity for supplies used in this kitchen. Based on the menu, a separate sink designated for food use only is required. Properly re-install a food prep sink within one week. The walk-in cooler is located in a separate area away from the kitchen. The path necessary to reach this cooler is open with exposed pipes and utility lines that can contribute to contamination. Areas where food is handled, stored, or carried must be in an area that is finished with no exposed lines. Surfaces must be smooth, easily cleanable, and non-absorbent. Move cooler back to original location or completely finish the areas leading to the cooler floor, walls, and ceiling. Contact this department and submit plans before doing any work, remodeling, or additions, or other changes take place. Inspector: Cipiti.

The Dog House Pub & Grub, 4935 Lewis, inspected March 28. Ice machine in back room with lid open. Keep lid closed. Corrected. Food held past seven-day discard date. Food must be discarded on discard date. No wipe buckets set up in kitchen or bar. A wipe bucket with 50 to 100 ppm bleach or 200 ppm quat must be set up during all hours of operation for holding wet wipe cloths. Wet wipe cloths must be completely submerged in wipe bucket. Containers and equipment must be stored inverted to prevent contamination. Inspector: Seger.

McDonald’s, 831 W. Alexis, inspected March 28. Buildup inside ice machine. Properly clean and sanitize ice machine. Food held past the allotted time stamp. Facility must adhere to McDonald’s HACCP plan and discard any remaining product at discard time. Open cheese sitting out tempering with no time stamp. Once product is removed from cooler it must be time stamped. Both sure-shot machines holding product out of temperature. Food must be held at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. Have units serviced to hold at proper temperature. Inspector: Seger.

Fricker’s, 19 N. St. Clair, inspected March 25. Hot dogs thawing from yesterday with 3/10 date mark. This was an old date mark. When moving food into a cooler from the freezer mark with remaining days left. Clean container and remove old date stickers after each use. Corrected. Inspector: Cipiti.

Spicy Tuna, 7130 Airport, Holland, inspected March 25. Food products must be at least six inches off of the floor to protect from contamination. Food found on floor in walk-in freezer. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Matryoshka Food & Deli, 4900 N. McCord, Sylvania, inspected March 25. No date label on open deli meats. Once deli meats are open, place date on package. There is a seven-day discard date for open and prepared time/temperature control for safety food. The day the food is opened is Day One. A few prepackaged bakery items without ingredients labels. Prepackaged products in the cooler must have proper ingredients labels. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Mayberry Diner, 8253 Mayberry Square, Sylvania, inspected March 25. No date label on a container of hot dogs in the prep top cooler. Open and prepared time/temperature control for safety food must be dated if not used in 24 hours. The front wiping cloth bucket was made with liquid bleach and powder laundry detergent. A wiping cloth bucket is made with warm water and sanitizer. Since facility uses bleach, add bleach to warm water in the sanitizer wiping cloth bucket and test with the chlorine test kit. For unscented chlorine bleach, it should test at 50 to 100 ppm. Corrected. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Toledo Retirement Residence LLC d/b/a: Alexis Gardens, 4560 W. Alexis, inspected March 25. Box of cups on floor in dry stock room. Store food and food-contact items at least six inches off the ground to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Gottschalk.

McDonald’s, 1405 S. Byrne, inspected March 25. Cheese slices held in time in lieu of temperature with no discard times. When using time in lieu of temperature, cheese slices need to be marked with a start time and a four-hour discard time when removed from cooler. Place start and discard times on cheese slices when held for time in lieu of temperature. Bag of cheese and box of cups on floor in walk-in cooler and dry storage room. Food and utensils need to be stored at least six inches above ground to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Susdorf.

The Knight Academy, 110 Arco, inspected March 25. No sanitizer bucket set up. A sanitizer bucket must be set up at all times during lunch to properly sanitize food-contact surfaces. Soapy water and Lysol cleaner are not approved sanitizers. Chlorine or quat sanitizers must be used. Inspector: Susdorf.

Sunoco, 541 N. Reynolds, inspected March 25. Provide an ingredients book for donuts and bakery items provided by Tom’s Bakery. Each type of donut/bakery item sold must have its own ingredients statement. Several cabinets by the dump sink and pop machine in bad repair. Many of the cabinets are deteriorating and doors are falling apart. Repair broken cabinets and replace areas where wood is deteriorating. Employee belongings (hair brush, hair spray, and curling iron) and boxes in front of hand sink. No hand soap at hand sink. Hand sinks need to be stocked with hand soap at times to ensure proper hand washing. Corrected. Inspector: Susdorf.

Stop By Carry Out, 2350 Airport, inspected March 26. No sanitizer bucket set up. A chlorine (50 to 100 ppm) or quat (200 ppm) sanitizer bucket or sink needs to be set up during hours of operation to properly sanitize food-contact surfaces. Corrected. No ingredients labels on hummus and grape leaves for retail sale. Food for self-service retail sale needs to be labeled with common name, ingredients in order of weight, and weight of product before being sold to customers. Inspector: Susdorf.

One Seagate, One Seagate, inspected March 21. Open hot dogs and cooked hamburger patties without date marks. Mark these items with a seven-day mark to monitor discard date. Inspector: Cipiti.

Vito’s Pizza & Subs, 7060 Sylvania, Sylvania, inspected March 23. Three-door pizza prep-top cooler holding food at unsafe temperature of 43 to 44 degrees. Food must be held at 41 degrees or lower to limit bacteria growth. Adjust cooler to maintain proper temperature. Chemical spray bottle hanging from shelf without label. Label spray bottles with contents’ common names for proper identification and to prevent contamination. Inspector: Tester.

Ya Halla, 2124 W. Alexis, inspected March 22. Chemical spray bottles with no labels. Working containers used for poisonous or toxic materials, such as cleaners and sanitizers taken from bulk supplies, shall be clearly and individually identified with contents’ common names. Inspector: Seger.

Burger King, 902 Phillips, inspected March 25. Box of frozen food stored on walk-in freezer floor. Food must be stored six inches off the ground to prevent cross contamination. Corrected. Cut tomatoes and cut lettuce at room temperature with no time mark. Facility uses time in lieu of temperature and must accurately mark times on food. Foods are only allotted four hours and then must be discarded. Corrected. Inspector: Fries.

Subway, 24 N. Third, Waterville, inspected March 23. Employee takes money, then puts gloves on to prepare food without washing hands. Hands should always be washed when beginning food prep to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Fries.


Recently restaurant inspections with no violations:

Erie Drug, 4502 Lewis.

Starr Elementary, 3230 Starr.

Sunoco, 1455 S. Byrne.

Walgreens, 1330 S. Reynolds.

Little Caesars Pizza, 3145 Lagrange.

Caper’s Pizza Bar, 2038 S. Byrne.

Aldi, 7101 Spring Meadows West, Holland.

Subway JK Main Stickney, 4400 Chrysler.

Savage Arena No. 2, 2801 W. Bancroft.

Our First Love, 522 East Broadway.

Jefferson Junior High School, 5530 Whitmer.

Barbie’s Place, 5025 Bennett.

BP/Barney’s Convenience Mart, 3369 Navarre.

Aldi, 3015 Glendale.

Big Lots, 3410 Glendale.

Nutrition 4400, 4400 Heatherdowns.

Ayana’s Coney Island & Pizzeria, 1488 W. Sylvania.

Little Miss & Mister, 5776 Harvest.

Aldi, 130 New Towne Square.

China Palace, 3342 Glendale.

Rudy’s Hot Dog, 4747 Glendale.

Sebastiano’s, 4448 Heatherdowns.

The Glendale, 5020 Ryan.

Commodore Perry VFW, 2231 South.

Roadhouse Inn, 1062 S. Reynolds.

Lenny’s, 5444 Airport.