Restaurant Inspections: 5-6


Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Tom’s Carryout, 2861 Lagrange, inspected April 12. Observed coffee and cappuccino machines added to the facility without necessary equipment for warewashing and handwashing. Discontinue the coffee and cappuccino until changes are submitted and approved. Observed no paper towels in the bathroom. Observed the mop in the mop bucket. Hang to air dry after every use. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Carter Hall P.O.D., 2801 W. Bancroft, inspected April 12. Thoroughly clean the ceiling tiles that have dust accumulated on them. Replace the torn door gasket. The packages of cupcakes are mislabeled. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Little Acapulco, 3333 Airport, inspected April 13. Observed employee handwashing in food prep sink. No sanitizer solution with wipe cloths in use. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Marco’s Pizza, 3510 Dorr, inspected April 12. Thoroughly clean the pizza oven hood filters. Observed employee beverages and clothing stored on food contact items and surfaces. Store all employee beverages and belongings in a designated space away from food/food contact and surfaces. Observed boxes of food stored on the floor of the walk-in. Store all food at least six inches off the floor to prevent contamination. Inspector: Wilke.

Lathan’s Convenience, 2467 Nebraska, inspected April 8. Sister Muhammad’s bean pie for sale with improper labeling. All labels must include food name, a list of ingredients in order of predominance by weight, a responsibility statement, and net weight. Remove the item from sale. Inspector: Wilke.

Eastborn Mini Mart, 1110 E. Broadway, inspected April 12. Stock handsink with hand soap and paper towels. Replace light bulbs in coolers to allow for proper light intensity. Do not cover baby food dates with sticker. Do not put mops or mop bucket parts in sinks used to clean coffee pots. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Thirsty Man Dining, 26 Main, inspected April 12. Provide paper towels at both hand-sinks in the kitchen. Corrected. The prep top cooler was holding at 46 degrees. Cooler was adjusted. Monitor temperatures to maintain at 41 degrees or below. Inspector: Cipiti.

Stop N Shop, 868 E. Broadway, inspected April 12. Store all chemicals away from cup storage at front counters. Seal bare wood under 3 bay sink and shelving along cooler. Store raw shell eggs on the bottom shelf to prevent cross-contamination. Organize and eliminate unnecessary clutter in the back area to allow for proper cleaning. Remove stained carpet. Inspector: Cipiti.

Subway, 2821 W. Bancroft, inspected April 8. The prep top cooler is holding some food above 41 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or below. The quat sanitizer is low in the bucket where the bread is baked. Maintain quat sanitizer at 200 ppm to safely sanitize food contact. Inspector: Wilke.

Generation’s Family Restaurant, 1917 W. Alexis, inspected April 15. Observed both hand sinks that took extremely long times to get hot water, indicated that proper hand washing is not being conducted. Wash hands frequently in between tasks, glove changes, and dirty and clean dishes as well as after using the restroom. Observed grease and food debris behind grills. Cook line requires additional cleaning. Gaskets on walk-in cooler and freezer are in poor condition or non-existent, causing ice to build up in the freezer. Observed gasket on homestyle freezer that is torn and no longer in tact, causing ice to build up. Once freezer no longer functions properly, it must be replaced. Floors, walls, and equipment are dirty. Thoroughly clean back of house. All floors, walls, ceilings and equipment must be clean and free from dirt and debris. Inspector: Wilke.

Steak Escape, 5001 Monroe, inspected April 8. Found blanched french fries sitting out in baskets at 85 degrees, cooling improperly. Such food must be properly cooled. This is a repeat violation. The sandwich prep top cooler is holding chicken at 42 degrees and cheese at 49 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or less. Observed unwrapped sliced cheese sitting directly on the wire rack of the glass door cooler. Always store food in a clean container or wrapped in plastic wrap. Never store foods directly on the cooler rack. Clean or resurface the cutting boards of the prep top cooler. Cutting board looks deeply scorched and has build up. Inspector: Cipiti.

Wal-Mart, 5821 W. Central, inspected April 9. Observed a fan stored on a hand sink in the deli area at time of inspection. Hand sinks may not be used for storage or propping up equipment. Keep hand washing sinks clear and accessible to allow for proper hand washing. Some door seals on freezers are torn. Replace torn door seals on coolers or freezers. Inspector: Wilke.

Caribou Coffee, 5001 Monroe, inspected April 9. The hand washing sink is draining slowly. Repair the plumbing or clean out the grease trap to provide adequate drainage. The quat sanitizer is too strong at 500 ppm in the 3 compartment sink and in the wipe cloth bucket at time of inspection. Quat sanitizer must be at 200 ppm to safely sanitize food contact items and surfaces. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Amango Restaurant, 5228 Monroe, inspected April 9. Observed raw beef stored above produce items and above bread in each of the prep top coolers at time of inspection. Follow proper food storage order. Observed a wet wiping cloth out on a work surface.Store wet wiping cloths in sanitizer bucket. Observed frozen meats thawing at room temperature. Follow proper thawing procedure. Hand sink near the walk-in cooler is blocked with items. Keep hand washing sinks clear and accessible for hand washing. Observed some grease build-up on the floor behind the fryer at time of inspection. Clean grease build up and repair any leaks in the fryer. Inspector: Sattler.

Magic Wok, 5905 W. Central, inspected April 9. Bagged chicken that comes in frozen must be date marked once it is taken out of the freezer to thaw. Observed bags of chicken with no thaw date on them. There was no sanitizer detected in the 3 compartment sink set up at time of inspection. Change out sanitizer in the sink as often as needed to maintain quat sanitizer at 200ppm or chlorine bleach at 50-100 ppm. Observed cups stored beneath the dump sink at the blender station at the front. Do not store any food contact items beneath plumbing to prevent contamination. Inspector: Sattler.

Kopper’s Korner Bar, 549 Navarre, inspected April 17. Observed an open can of beef being stored inside potable ice well. To prevent contamination to the potable ice, do not store anything inside ice or ice well. Inspector: Cipiti.

EZ Mart, 1226 E. Broadway, inspected April 17. Observed raw bacon being stored directly above ready to eat foods. To prevent cross-contamination, store packages on the bottom shelf. Inspector: Cipiti.

Horizon Science Academy, 425 Jefferson, inspected April 17. Hand sink was being completely blocked from use with items in front of and on top of the sink. No hand soap was available. To ensure proper hand washing is taking place, never store anything directly in front of, inside of, or on the hand sink. Provide hand soap at sink. Proper glove use was also reviewed. Inspector: Cipiti.

Aunti Ann’s/Hagen Daz, 3100 Main, Maumee, inspected April 16. Observed open container of hot dogs marked for 8 days. A maximum of 7 days total is permitted once the package of hotdogs is opened to determine discard date. Discard log was checked to verify this. Proper date mark counting was reviewed. Corrected. Inspector: Cipiti.

Burger King, 4870 Monroe, inspected April 10. The liquid scrambled egg in the prep cooler is holding cold at 43 degrees at time of inspection because it is too tall to be placed into a prep top. Such foodsmust be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Store the carton of scrambled egg in the bottom portion of this cooler. Inspector: Sattler.

KFC Express, 5001 Monroe, inspected April 10. Remove the unused equipment from the back of the store. There are unused coolers and other equipment that need to be removed. Leaving unused equipment in the facility impedes cleaning and can provide harborage for pests. Inspector: Sattler.


Recent restaurant inspections with no violations:

Point Place Hot Dogs, 4820 N. Summit.

Healthy Escape, 5851 Secor.

Jug’s Bowling Center, 5111 Jackman.

Netty’s, 2701 Dorr.

Tony’s Farm Market, 5549 Lewis.

Whittier Elementary School, 4221 Walker.

Grove Patterson Academy, 3020 Marvin.

Tropical Grill, 5001 Monroe.

Larchmont School, 1515 Slater.

Lial Elementary School, 5700 Davis.

Crissey Elementary School, 9220 Geiser, Holland.

Holloway Elementary, 6611 Pilloid, Holland.

Abe’s Daily Scoop, 3100 Main, Maumee.

Subway, 14241 Airport, Swanton.

Bittersweet, 12660 Archbold-Whitehouse, Whitehouse.

Hope United Methodist Church, 10610 Waterville, Whitehouse.

Chuggy’s Ice Cream, 921 Oakdale.