Restaurant Inspections: 6-24


Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Vito’s Pizza, 5412 Monroe, inspected May 24. One unlabeled chemical spray bottle. Label chemical spray bottles to allow users to know what it contains. Corrected. Open can of anchovies dated 3/​5. Open and prepared time/​temperature control for safety food items has a 7 day discard date. The date the food item is opened/​prepared is day 1 for a total of 7 days. Discard the open can of anchovies. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Jimmy Johns, 6385 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected May 28. Boxes of to-go bags on the floor by the ice machine and box of avocadoes on the floor in the walk-in freezer. Food and food contact items must be stored at least 6 inches off the floor to prevent cross contamination. Store food and food contact items correctly. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Kaslly’s Kitchen, 2981 Tremainsville, inspected May 28. Observed no hand washing. Wash hands frequently in between tasks, glove changes, and dirty and clean dishes/​after using rest room, or touching hair, body, or clothing, smoking or immediately after handling raw meats or shell eggs. If a hand sink is not easily accessible a chlorine hand dip must be use 100 ppm. Keep hand sinks stocked with warm running water, soap, and paper towels. Improper use of gloves. Gloves must be used when handling ready-to-eat food items. Do not use gloved hands to handle raw meat items and then toast. Hands must be washed between glove changes. Drinking glass stored inside of bulk container with no label. A proper scoop with a handle must be used and stored handle up to prevent cross contamination from hands. Bulk food containers must be labeled. Silverware improperly stored. Silverware must be stored handle up to prevent cross contamination from hands. Wet wipe rag sitting out on prep table. Wet wipe rags harbor bacteria and must be stored in between uses in a sanitizing solution of 50-100 ppm bleach or 200 ppm quat. Soap dispenser at hand sink not producing soap. Dispenser needs cleaned and refilled. Hand sinks must be properly stocked with warm running water, soap and hand towels to ensure proper hand washing is being conducted. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

New Ocean Garden Buffet, 821 W. Alexis, inspected May 28. Food stored on floor of walk-in freezer. Food must be stored a minimum of 6 inches above the floor. Food stored on floors indicates lack of cold holding. Additional freezer may be required. Improper thawing of chicken. Follow proper thawing procedure. Employee prepping produce with no gloves and not using prep sink to wash vegetables. Unless specified by manufacturer produce must be washed prior to serving. Gloves must be worn when handling ready-to-eat food items. Inspector: Seger.

Duncan’s, 938 W. Laskey, inspected May 28. Beer bottles in ice used for drinks. Inspector: Seger.

Phoenix Earth Food Co-op, 1447 Sylvania, inspected May 29. Pita bread, maple syrup, honey, and miscellaneous items lack proper ingredient labels. Inspector: Seger.

Mayflower Restaurant, 1396 Sylvania, inspected May 28. Mold developing in ice machine on side walls. Properly clean and sanitize ice machine to prevent mold build up. No date marking observed. Any food items held longer than 24 hours must have a seven-day discard date. Inspector: Seger.

Wendy’s, 3465 Stickney, inspected May 23. Chili meat in the warming drawers below 135 degrees. To limit the growth of bacteria that can cause food borne illness, food in hot holding must maintain 135 degrees or above. Repeat violation. Product discarded. Food items in the walk up prep top cooler above 41 degrees. Cold hold food product at 41 degrees or less. Pan missing from the prep top cooler allowing cold air to escape. Pans replaced. Corrected. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Marco’s Pizza, 1234 Sylvania, inspected May 30. Employee cutting peppers with no gloves on and wearing artificial nails. Food employees shall keep their fingernails trimmed, filed, and maintained so the edges and surfaces are cleanable and not rough. Unless wearing intact gloves in good repair, a food employee may not wear fingernail polish or artificial fingernails when working with exposed food. Employee cutting peppers that have not been pre-washed. Raw fruits and vegetables must be thoroughly washed in water to remove soil and other contaminants before being cut, combined with other ingredients, cooked, served, or offered for human consumption. Produce that does not enter the facility pre-washed must be washed in the designated prep sink. Corrected. Inspector: Seger.

Ottawa Park Golf Course, 1 Walden Pond, inspected May 8. Employee food stored above food to served in cooler. Employee food should be stored below and away from food for service to prevent cross contamination. Corrected. Boxes of chips stored on the floor. Food must be stored six inches off the ground to prevent cross contamination. Lunch meats with an open date of 4/​30 and 5/​1 and opened lunch meat with no date mark. Food must be marked with a seven-day discard date and used or discarded by date. Inspector: Nathan Fries.

New King Blvd., 2021 Dorr, inspected May 6. Bacon raw stored above ready-to-eat food. Raw meat should be stored below ready-to-eat food to prevent cross contamination. Corrected. Inspector: Fries.

Pam’s Corner LTD, 116 10th, inspected May 9. Corn salsa being held at above 41 degrees. Food must be cold held below 41 degrees to prevent pathogen growth. Corrected. Chemical dish machine final rinse below 50 ppm chlorine. Dish machine final rinse should be 50 to 100 ppm chlorine for dishes to be effectively sanitized. Use 3 bay sink for dish washing until dish machine is fixed. Inspector: Fries.

Birmingham Elementary School, 2222 Bakewell, inspected May 16. Employee personal food stored above food for service. Employee food should be stored below and away from food for service. Corrected. Facility using non-food rated sanitizer. Use only food -surface rated sanitizer to prevent possible contamination. Corrected. Inspector: Fries.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 2224 Woodville, Oregon, inspected May 22. Mashed potatoes being hot held below 135 degrees. Food must be hot held above 135 degrees to prevent pathogen growth. Food removed from sale. Corrected. Inspector: Fries.

Jon’s Fourth Season, 1925 Tremainsville, inspected May 23. Divider is missing in both ice wells. After use as a medium for cooling the exterior surfaces of cooling coils and tubes of equipment, ice may not be used as food or in drinks. Provide a separation between soda lines and ice used for consumption. A divider must be provided or a clean and sanitized container may be used. Repeat violation. Inspector: Seger.

Claddagh Irish Pub, 5001 Monroe, inspected May 23. The bottom of the prep top cooler nearest the dish machine is holding fish at 47 degrees. Fish is the only item in this cooler. The condenser and fan appear to be covered in ice. Defrost this cooler and adjust or repair as needed so that food hold cold at proper temperature. Drawer cooler under the cook line is holding ground beef at 43 degrees and meatloaf at 47 degrees. Food must be held cold at 41 degrees. Adjust or repair cooler. There is no running water available at the hand washing sink at the far side of the kitchen. Hot and cold running water must be available at hand sinks to allow for proper hand washing. Restore running hot and cold water to this sink immediately. This will be rechecked. Inspector: Seger.

Clay High School, 5665 Seaman, Oregon, inspected May 30. Food (milk in the upright built in cooler and turkey at the sandwich station) being held above 41 degrees. Food must be held below 41 degrees to prevent pathogen growth. Corrected. Inspector: Fries.

Long John Silver’s, 2412 Woodville, Oregon, inspected May 30. Onions on floor in walk in cooler. Store food 6 inches off the floor to prevent possible contamination. Wiping cloth resting out of sanitizer bucket. When not in use all wipe clothes must be placed in a sanitizer bucket to prevent cross contamination. Employee food (drink in the front freezer, pot tarts in the ice bin) stored above store food. Employee food must be stored below and away from food for sale to prevent cross contamination, Food (cut lettuce) being cold held above 41 degrees. Food must be held below 41 degrees to prevent pathogen growth. Corrected. Inspector: Fries.

Biggby Coffee, 2959 Navarre, inspected May 28. Wipe cloth resting out of sanitizer. Wipe cloths should be placed in sanitizer when not in use to prevent cross contamination. Corrected. Inspector: Fries.

Butch Cassidy Canteen, 4550 Navarre, Oregon, inspected May 24. Sour cream cold held above 41 degrees. Food must be held below 41 degrees to prevent pathogen growth. Inspector: Fries.


Recently inspected restaurants with no violations:

Pearson’s Party Store, 3217 Seaman, Oregon.

Walgreen’s, 2562 Navarre, Oregon.

Sundance Kid Drive In, 4550 Navarre, Oregon.

Jerusalem Elementary, 535 Yondota, Curtice.

Kinder Care Learning Center, 2812 N. Holland Sylvania.

Glenwood Elementary School, 2860 Glenwood.

Polly Fox Academy, 1505 Jefferson.

Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, 1300 Forest.

Wendy’s, 3124 Monroe.

McKinley Elementary School, 3344 Westland.

Rite Aid, 1525 Cherry.

Pajolly’s, 2106 Sylvania.

In & Out, 2007 Sylvania.

Franklin Head Start, 310 Steadman.