Restaurant Inspections: 10-14


Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Cock N’ Bull of Toledo LLC, 9 N. Huron, inspected Sept. 23. Old date stickers on containers of deli meats. Food with expired dates. Completely remove old sticker and any sticker residue. Clean container and label with new date. Food with expired dates. Monitor date marks closely to determine discard date. It is recommended to hang a calendar in the kitchen to keep track of days. Day One is day deli meat is opened and sliced; add six days to this day to achieve the maximum seven-day holding period. Repeat violation. Bar dish machine not dispensing proper sanitizer during final rinse cycle. To ensure items are sanitized correctly, use test kit every day to verify sanitizer concentration during final rinse cycle. Repeat violation. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Paris Marin District LLC dba Paris Nite Club, 1202 Front, inspected Sept. 19. Sanitizer bucket and sink below 50 ppm. Refresh sink as needed to maintain sanitizer at 100 ppm. Corrected. Inspector: Cipiti.

Ye Olde Durty Bird, 2 S. St. Clair, inspected Sept. 17. Containers of shredded ham and turkey at 47 degrees. Portioned condiments at 47 degrees. Items were in a container within another container within another container, preventing proper cold-air flow around product. When storing these items, do not double pan to ensure 41 degrees or below is maintained. Inspector: Cipiti.

Our First Love LLC, 522 E. Broadway, inspected Sept. 17. Place a date mark on opened food to determine discard date — seven days maximum. Store raw beef and eggs below ready-to-eat items — bread, lettuce, etc. — to prevent cross-contamination. Inspector: Cipiti.

Madison Bistro of Toledo LLC, 518 Madison, inspected Sept. 18. Cold-holding temperatures above 41 degrees in prep-top cooler. To prevent bacteria growth, maintain food at 41 degrees or below. Monitor temperatures closely with a thermometer and temperature logs. Vendor called to service coolers. Supply cooler with an internal thermometer. Container of turkey marked Sept. 4, which is past the maximum seven-day holding period. Discard outdated food and monitor dates closely to limit bacteria growth. Buildup on potato slicer and wall surface behind slicer. Properly break down and clean and sanitize parts after each use. Clean this area of wall daily. Repeat violation. Significant buildup inside ice machine. Thoroughly clean and sanitize surfaces to prevent bacteria or mold growth. Repeat violation. Inspector: Citipi.

Fricker’s, 19 N. St. Clair, inspected Sept. 18. Large bottle of ranch dressing held on ice improperly. To ensure entire product remains at 41 degrees or below, surround bottle with ice up to product level. Corrected. Ribs marked Sept. 10 and taco meat marked Sept. 11; these are past maximum seven-day hold time. Discard outdated food and monitor dates closely to prevent bacteria growth. Inspector: Cipiti.

La Mexicana, 764 Oak, inspected Sept. 11. Raw meat stored on a top shelf in the one-door reach-in cooler. To prevent cross contamination, store raw meats on the bottom shelf. Inspector: Cipiti.

University of Toledo Early Learning Center, 1932 Birchwood, inspected Sept. 24. Quat sanitizer in spray bottle is strong. Maintain quat at 200 ppm to safely sanitize food-contact surfaces. Reach-in cooler holding food above 41 degrees. Food must be held at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. Strongly suggest relocating cantaloupe and milk to a higher shelf closer to fan, and move nonfood to bottom of cooler; or simply lower cooler temperature. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

The Flower Market, 3890 Monroe, inspected Sept. 23. Some Maumee Valley Chocolate products are not properly labeled. Make sure prepackaged food has a label stating the food’s common name, a complete ingredients list, net weight, and a responsibility statement. Each individual product must have its own ingredients statement. Inspector: Wilke.

Calvary Assembly of God, 5025 Glendale, inspected Sept. 24. Remove ice-cream chest freezer from kitchen; it is not clean and no longer easily cleanable. Provide an NSF-approved commercial grade freezer for ice cream. Quat sanitizer in spray bottle was too strong. Maintain quat sanitizer at 200 ppm to safely sanitize food-contact surfaces. Inspector: Wilke.

Platinum Kisses, 505 E. Alexis, inspected Sept. 25. Buildup present inside ice machine. Clean and sanitize according to manufacturer’s specifications. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Edgewater School, 5549 Edgewater, inspected Sept. 25. Stainless-steel cleaner stored above boxes of cereal in metal cabinet in back storage area. Designate an area for chemicals below or away from food and food-contact items. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

Sherman School, 817 Sherman, inspected Sept. 25. Unlabeled spray bottle on chemical shelving unit across from dish machine. Chemical spray bottles must be labeled with contents’ common names to prevent chemical contamination. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

McDonald’s, 1520 Cherry, inspected Sept. 25. Buildup inside ice machine. Clean and sanitize according to manufacturer’s specifications. Inspector: Stanley.

Stop N Shop, 4828 Monroe, inspected Sept. 25. Cleaners stored on top of sandwich display cooler. Store chemicals in a separate area away from or below food items. Inspector: Sattler.

Rachel Michael’s Gourmet Popcorn, 5307 Monroe, inspected Sept. 25. Provide ingredients on packaged food items for retail sale. Ingredients must be listed in descending order by weight. Inspector: Sattler.

Tropical Grill, 5001 Monroe, inspected Sept. 25. Prep-top cooler holding chicken at 46 degrees, tuna salad at 46 degrees, and sliced tomatoes at 42 degrees. Adjust cooler so that food holds cold at 41 degrees or lower. Pina colada mix is 49 degrees. This product is labeled Refrigerate After Opening and must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower once opened. More ice added. No hot water available at front hand-washing sink. Hot water of at least 100 degrees must be available at all times for proper hand washing. Inspector: Sattler.

Dixon’s Sports Pub, 10151 Maumee Western, Monclova, inspected Sept. 23. Both prep top coolers are not holding at proper temperature. The larger two door is holding at 55 degrees on the top and 45 degrees on the bottom, and the smaller prep top cooler is holding at 51 degrees on the top and bottom. Food in those units over 45 degrees were discarded by then person in charge. Food must cold hold at 41 degrees and less. Do not use the units until they have been repaired and rechecked by this office. The chlorine sanitizer at the dish machine was found to not be dispensing out of the machine. Chlorine bottle was empty upon investigation. Chlorine must dispense out of the machine at 50 ppm. The facility will use the three compartment sink until new chemical can be obtained. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Bob Evans Farms LLC, 4805 Monroe, inspected Sept. 23. Liquid egg is holding cold on ice at 45 degrees. This is a food and must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower to inhibit the growth of bacteria. In order to properly ice food, completely surround the product with ice up to the fill level. The container of liquid egg is sitting on top of ice. A wet wiping towel stored out on a work top. Store wet wiping towels in sanitizer buckets when not in use to prevent the growth of bacteria. Inspector: Sattler.

Lagrange Express, 3227 Lagrange, inspected Sept. 20. During hours of operation, there must be a designated person in charge with knowledge of food safety and proper sanitation and at least one individual certified in food safety. Improper storage order of food. To prevent cross contamination store meats and shell eggs below other food items. Corrected. Damp/​soiled cloths stored on work surfaces in the kitchen. Store damp/​soiled cloths in the wipe cloth bucket at 100 ppm chlorine or 200 ppm quat. Corrected. No date marking of required items. To limit the growth of bacteria that can cause food borne illness, ready-to-eat food items kept longer that 24 hours requires a seven-day discard date. Cooked potatoes cooling completely covered in the three-door cooler. Follow proper cooling procedures. Improper level of sanitizer in the three-compartment sink and wipe cloth buckets. Follow proper ware washing procedure for three-compartment sink. Plumbing systems must be maintained in good repair. Employee opened the grease trap at inspection and is cleaning out to see if this will remedy the issue. Contact a license plumber. Inspector: Stanley.


Recently inspected restaurants with no violations:

Jackman School, 2010 Northover.

Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzels, 5001 Monroe.

Summit Academy Toledo Learning Center, 5115 Glendale.

Karamu BBQ - Africa, 2700 Broadway.

Kibanda Beverage - Africa, 2700 Broadway.

Shuckers, 14260 Airport, Swanton.

Dollar General, 475 Anthony Wayne Trail, Waterville.

M & A Food Service, 10400 Airport, Swanton.

Browning Masonic Community, Inc., 8883 Browning, Waterville.

Sweet Retreat, 1276 Michigan, Waterville.

Freeze Daddy’s, 8070 Monclova, Monclova.

Springfield Junior - Holland, 7001 Madison, Holland.

Mel-Creme, Inc., 8144 Airport, Holland.

Crissey Elementary, 4220 Geiser, Holland.

Holloway Elementary, 6611 Pilliod, Holland.

Target, 5225 Monroe.

Meijer Gas Station, 1500 E. Alexis.

YMCA Childcare @ Whitmer, 5511 Whitmer.

Jefferson Junior High School, 5530 Whitmer.

Busia’s Narozny, 302 W. Laskey.

Boston Market, 930 W. Alexis.

Wild Wing N Things, 3265 W. Alexis.