Restaurant Inspections: 3-3


Recently released inspectionreports of Lucas Countyfood-service operations


Mi Hacienda, 3302 Glanzman, inspected Feb. 7. Rice in hot holding at 115 degrees. Potentially hazardous foods must hot hold at 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth. Rice double panned in steam table does not allow product to keep heat sufficiently. Place rice in a single pan, directly in contact with hot water. Rice reheated to 165 degrees, then placed back into hot holding for use. Inspector: Sara Becker.

McDonald’s, 3008 Monroe, inspected Feb. 7. Employees with artificial and/​or painted nails, and employees with jewelry. Buildup inside of ice machine on stainless shield. Properly clean and sanitize unit regularly to prevent buildup. Sticker residue on clean containers. Containers are not considered clean until sticker residue is removed. Sticker residue harbors bacteria. Broken Cambro container in cooler holding leafy greens. Containers must be free of cracks and damage to limit physical contamination. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Jimmy John’s, 1470 Ford, Maumee, inspected Feb. 6. Chemicals stored on shelving over condiment packets and next to slicing equipment. Chemicals must be stored separately from equipment and food to protect from chemical contamination. Re-arrange shelving to keep chemicals on bottom shelf only. Keep food products covered and protected in coolers and freezers. Open boxes of bread found in walk-in freezer with a spilled box of cookies inside and on top of frozen bread. Install more shelving if over-stacking of boxes is causing spillage. Inspector: Seger.

The Maritime Training and Education Center, 803 Water, inspected Feb. 11. Buildup present in ice machine. Clean and sanitize according to manufacturer’s specifications. No wipe cloth bucket set up. During hours of operation, a wipe cloth bucket must be set up to properly sanitize surfaces and to properly store damp/​soiled cloths. Corrected. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Sunoco Food Mart, 1407 E. Manhattan, inspected Feb. 11. Hand sink and three-bay sink blocked. Keep sinks accessible for intended purposes. Inspector: Stanley.

Mr. Hero, 525 E. Manhattan, inspected Feb. 11. Uncovered employee beverage on table in back prep area. Employee beverages must be covered and stored to protect food and clean items form contamination. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

Speedway, 2510 S. Reynolds, inspected Feb. 10. Buildup present inside ice dispensers at fountain beverage center. Clean and sanitize according to manufacturer’s specifications. Mouse droppings under shelves in back storage area. Licensed pest control on site to handle the issue. Maintain pest-control records for health department review. Inspector: Stanley.

Woodward High School, 600 E. Streicher, inspected Feb. 10. Corn cups cooling completely covered in walk-in cooler. To limit bacteria growth, food items must be left vented or uncovered until cooled to 41 degrees or lower. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

Zingers Bar & Grill, 920 Matzinger, inspected Feb. 10. Walk-in cooler ceiling leaks. Repairs to eliminate leak. Repeat violation. Buildup in bar pop guns. Clean and sanitize daily, allowing to air dry before using. Repeat violation. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

Jamaican Cricket Club, 1830 W. Bancroft, inspected Feb. 13. No dating of required items. To limit bacteria growth, ready-to-eat food items held longer that 24 hours require a date mark. 41 degrees or lower, seven-day hold time. Inspector: Stanley.

Church’s Chicken, 5 S. Reynolds, inspected Feb. 11. Employee beverage on chicken breader with no lid. Employees must eat and drink in a designated area and beverages must have lids. Inspector: Seger.


No violations:

Dollar Fifty Plus, 1312 Nebraska.

Yummies Too, 801 Nebraska.

Beko’s Market II, 868 Oakwood.

Pizza Hut, 1654 Ralston.

Reynolds Elementary School, 5000 Norwich.

Positive Choice Activity & Learning Center, 3533 Monroe.

Ottawa Park Ice Rink, 2240 Bancroft.

Sherman Elementary School, 817 Sherman.

Edgewater School, 5549 Edgewater.

Ozone, 1701 Lagrange.

Chase Elementary School, 600 Bassett.

VFW 5530 Frankowski Post, 415 E. Central.

The Trunk, 3353 Franklin.

Save A Lot, 3030 Monroe.

Stop & Shop, 2933 Monroe.

T&G Carry Out, 2267 Auburn.

Primos Foods, 3131 Cherry.

Progressive Fishing Association, 7675 Schadel, Whitehouse.

Plate 21, 3664 Rugby.

Toledo Homewood Inns and Suites, 1410 Arrowhead, Maumee.

John’s Korner Bar & Grill, 2202 Tedrow.

El Salto Authenic Mexican Restaurant, 219 Golden Gate Shopping Plaza, Maumee.

Gateway Middle School, 900 Gibbs, Maumee.