Endangered rhino euthanized at Cincinnati zoo

Rhino believed to be 33 years old, sired three calves


CINCINNATI  — One of two critically endangered Sumatran rhinos at the Cincinnati zoo has been euthanized because of old age.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the death of Ipuh on Monday dealt a blow to a species that is near extinction.

Officials at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden said the rhino was believed to be 33 years old and was famous worldwide for having sired three calves as part of the zoo's ground-breaking captive breeding program.

In December, zoo staff noticed the rhino was moving stiffly and slowly. By late January, the animal had trouble standing and moving. His deteriorating condition led to the decision to euthanize him.

There is hope for the species’ survival, thanks both to natural breeding advances and assisted reproductive techniques pioneered at the zoo.