Shutdown won't stop Honor Flight Northwest Ohio


Honor Flight Northwest Ohio said its next planned flight to Washington will take off as scheduled on Wednesday, despite the government shutdown that has closed the nation's monuments and parks.

Organizers of Honor flights, noting that its focus will continue to be on the veterans and their safety, said it will not allow political agendas or political activities jeopardize the flights and said political literature, signage, or activities deemed political in nature will not be permitted on the Grand Aire Inc. aircraft used for the trip.

Some 70 veterans and their escorts were scheduled for Wednesday/'s visit.

The National Park Service’s official position was that the parks are closed, but announced last week after two days of angry visits by aged veterans that they had the legal right to be there and would not be barred in the future.

Honor Flight is a charity organization that pays for groups of elderly war veterans to go to Washington to see the war memorials.