Warren Brown says he will stay in Sandusky County and run for auditor in May primary

Warren Brown
Warren Brown

FREMONT -- Warren Brown's staying put.

The Sandusky County administrator and former Sandusky County treasurer said today he has declined an offer to become the next county administrator of Greene County, near Dayton, to stay where he's at and run for Sandusky County auditor in this May's primary election.

“This county has over 35 years of ties to me and my family and giving most of that up was simply too hard to do,” Mr. Brown said of Sandusky County.

Mr. Brown is known outside of his normal duties as an ardent supporter of childhood cancer research. His late daughter, Alexa, was one of the children who perished from a mysterious cancer outbreak affecting children in the vicinity of Clyde, Ohio, and eastern Sandusky County.