Occupy Wall Street activists mark 2nd anniversary

Activists march, hold rallies


NEW YORK — Occupy Wall Street activists are marching through lower Manhattan and congregating at their former encampment to mark the second anniversary of the movement against corporate greed and inequality.

About 100 protesters gathered in Zuccotti Park on Tuesday morning for a day of marches and rallies. On Sept. 17, 2011, protesters first began camping in the granite plaza near the New York Stock Exchange.

Police officers stood guard outside the plaza, which was barely half full.

The Occupy movement has splintered since New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had police raid the park in November 2011.

Occupy organizers played a leading role in disaster relief after Superstorm Sandy hit the region last year.

But without leaders or specific demands, the movement has turned into an amorphous protest against everything wrong with the world.