‘Blizzard’ Bill Spencer in the forecast

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    'Blizzard' Bill Spencer

  • 'Blizzard' Bill Spencer
    'Blizzard' Bill Spencer

    After a lengthy absence for health reasons, “Blizzard” Bill Spencer soon will be back on the job.

    The WTVG-TV, Channel 13, meteorologist plans his return to the station’s morning and noon newscasts for Oct. 29. He will also be back on the radio, delivering local forecasts on WKKO-FM 99.9 (K100) and WRQN-FM 93.5, among other stations, on Oct. 28.

    Spencer has been sidelined with a serious illness since June and, per doctor’s orders, took a medical leave that will have kept him off the local airwaves for 13 weeks.

    His doctors, he said, still aren’t sure what caused the illness, as what began as crippling headaches and vision problems in Spencer’s left eye rapidly deteriorated into something much worse: a massive bacterial infection that clouded the MRI scans of his head, moved into his jaw, and threatened to spread into his bones and circulation system.

    “I thought I was going to die and so did the doctors,” he said. “It’s something I don’t wish on anybody.”

    Spencer said he’s feeling much better and, barring a setback, expects to be back to 100 percent health soon.

    “I haven’t had any symptoms in two weeks,” he said. “The headache’s gone, the sinuses are fine, I can see fine. Hopefully it’s over.”