Google Play offers refunds — if you’re quick


Q: Does the Google Play store offer refunds for apps I buy on my Android phone?

A: The Google Play store does provide full refunds for apps that you have purchased, with a couple of conditions. First, you must make your refund request within 15 minutes of buying and downloading the app; when you buy software, check it out immediately to make sure it works properly and that you have no issues with it.

If you discover problems with the app after the 15-minute return period has passed, you might try contacting Google or the app’s developer, although this approach (described at may not always work. Developer information is typically listed on the app’s page in the Google Play store.

Google’s second condition for getting a refund from the store is that you can return an app only once. If you buy the same program a second time, you cannot return it.

To request a refund for an app you have purchased on your phone within the 15-minute window for returns, open the Google Play Store app, choose Menu, and select My Apps. Select the app in question and tap the Refund button to start the process. Google has more information on requesting app refunds at


The Preview app included with Mac OS X does more than just open images and PDF files. While the program can zoom in and out of open PDF files (and even display the document in a full-screen view), the Smart Magnify feature in Preview for OS X 10.7 (and later) enlarges a specific area of the document quickly.

To use the Smart Magnify feature, open a PDF file with Preview and press the tilde key on the keyboard. When the magnification window appears, you can slide it up or down by using the keyboard’s arrow keys or by moving the mouse. Tap the tilde key again to close the Smart Magnify window. Apple has instructions for using all of Preview’s many features (including scanning, cropping, and rotating images) at