End zone: Toledo 11-8


A mythical bar stool debate between fans with competing viewpoints after Tuesday's loss:

Tom: It was a matter of time before this team came down to earth. No way they should've been ranked in the top 25.

Steve: Relax. They lost what amounts to be a little more than an exhibition game.

T: What was Campbell thinking passing up a go-ahead field goal in the fourth quarter? His kicker is one of the most reliable in the nation!

S: So is his running back. Sometimes a gamble comes up snake eyes.

T: Wasn't that Tuke fella supposed to make a difference on defense? His scheme is garbage.

S: He's 8-2 as the coordinator, and that "garbage" scheme won us several close games.

T: Whatever. I want to make the trip to DeKalb next week, but my darn boss won't let me off.

S: Poor thing. More than 400,000 Ohioans are out of work. Besides, you ever seen DeKalb?

T: When we lose, our season will be over.

S: When we win, we're heading to Detroit. Inform your boss now.

T: Oh, c'mon. Northern Illinois beat us the past two years to win the West.

S: Third time's a charm, my man.

T: Zip it. It's your turn to buy a round.

S: Drink up. Your glass is half full.

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