A break in schedule allows Rockets to enjoy hotel, beach


The University of Toledo’s men’s basketball team is on an 11-day trip to Greece. Justin Drummond, a junior guard, will provide daily updates of the team’s experience.

Today was a pretty relaxing day for us, and I had a chance to experience the beach outside our Mykonos Hotel for the first time. It was very salty! My teammates and I enjoyed it a lot.

We had a good time throwing around a football in the water this morning, and it was a good team bonding experience. I even saw some fish swimming around me as well as some yachts that were very impressive.

Later in the afternoon we took a boat to Paradise Beach. That was an unbelievable experience!

We met some tourists there from Australia, and it was great to interact with people from another part of the world.

When we got back for dinner at our hotel, I had a white pork steak, which I’ve never had before. That was something different for me and another part of Greek culture that I’ve experienced.

Tomorrow we’re going to take another boat ride to Super Paradise Beach, which is supposed to be the best beach in Mykonos.

Thanks for following me on our trip to Greece, and Go Rockets!