UT in Greece: Fun on our last night of trip

  • Drummond


  • The University of Toledo’s men’s basketball team travels home today to conclude an 11-day trip to Greece. Justin Drummond, a junior guard, provides his final daily update of the team’s experience.


    Wow! What an amazing final night in Greece. We ate a traditional Greek dinner in Athens and were treated to a folklore show after our meal.

    During our dinner, a band was playing Greek music and a singer joined them to sing Greek songs. Dancers entertained us with a variety of dances and we were encouraged to join them on stage. There was even a belly dancer who came out with lit torches.

    I went up on stage and took part in the dances three times. Some of my teammates and coaches also tried it as well and everyone had a great time.

    Our trip to Greece has been great, but everyone is ready to return home to our normal lives. We are so blessed to have this opportunity. I really feel that we became closer as a team over the past 11 days and that will benefit us a lot during the upcoming season.