End Zone: UT Rockets

A look at early-season predictions


  • For our season preview I made some predictions on UT. Let's review.

    Years from now the Rockets beat writer will write a piece under this headline: Is the 2013 recruiting class the best in UT history?

    The foundation of Hunt, Woodside, and Martin is solid. Remember the name Elijah Nkansah. Coaches love this massive offensive tackle.

    Former UT coaches Beckman and Pinkel will be unemployed after the season.

    If Beckman is back for year three it's only because Illinois can't cobble together enough money to sack him. Pinkel (9-1 at Missouri) probably thinks I should take a sobriety test.

    The BG game will be as compelling a matchup as this rivalry has produced in a decade.

    Uh huh.

    UT's five-year drought in the NFL draft will end.

    There's little chance a healthy David Fluellen doesn't come off the board.

    The Rockets will go 6-0 at home. Another prediction: Fans at the Glass Bowl in November will choose cocoa over Coors.

    To the first part, you tell me. To the second part, I was wrong. Judging by the attendance, fans chose TV over the GB.

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