Admiral's American Grill at The Docks closes

Admiral's American Grill at The Docks in East Toledo.
Admiral's American Grill at The Docks in East Toledo.

The owners of Admiral's American Grill at The Docks complex in East Toledo have closed their restaurant over an ongoing lease dispute with their landlord.

Admiral's co-owner Mike McKarus said the restaurant closed at the end of business Sunday.

"Due to a breach of contract by our landlord, which is Dashing Pacific, we had no choice but to close our doors," Mr. McKarus said.

He was hesitant to elaborate further, citing an ongoing lawsuit.

The Docks restaurant complex is owned by Dashing Pacific Group Ltd., which purchased the property from the city of Toledo last year.

Mr. McKarus' company, Docks Venture LLC, signed a lease in March, 2011, for the space currently occupied by Admiral's American Grill and El Vaquero. Docks Venture operated Admiral's and subleases the other spot to the Mexican restaurant chain.

In January, Docks Venture filed a lawsuit against Dashing Pacific, alleging Dashing Pacific had not fulfilled a portion of the lease that required it to install separate utility meters for the two restaurants.

Dashing Pacific rejected the claim. The suit has not been settled.

Mr. McKarus said Monday that El Vaquero would remain open.