Flowers Foods wins auction for Hostess bread brands, bakeries

Hostess names Mexico's Grupo Bimbo buyer for Beefsteak bread


NEW YORK — Flowers Foods has been chosen as the buyer for the majority of Hostess' bread brands. The bid submitted by Flowers also included 20 bread plants, including the one in Northwood. It does not include the former Hostess bakery in Defiance. 

If approved by a bankruptcy court on March 19, Flowers will acquire the Wonder, Butternut, Home Pride, Merita, and Nature's Pride brands.

Georgia-based Flowers Foods makes Tastykakes and Nature's Own bread. 

Hostess, which is in bankruptcy protection, also said it had chosen  Mexico's Grupo Bimbo as the buyer for its Beefsteak bread brand. Beefsteak is a regional rye bread available in some states.

Hostess said a $31.9 million bid by the maker of Entenmann's cakes beat out another offer by Flowers Foods.

Hostess has also picked opening bidders for its snack cakes, including Twinkies. Auctions for those sales are scheduled to take place in mid-March.